Betting tips for the Summer

The summer can be a rather boring period of the year for football punters, especially a summer when there are no major international events, like a World Cup or a European Championship. The summer of 2017 is one of those summers, but that doesn’t mean that you can engage in any betting related activities and prepare for a more successful 2017/18 season.

Clubs, players and managers have a lot of activities during the summer, all aimed at achieving greater success in the following season and there’s no reason it should be different for punters. There are multiple things you could do during the summer.

Early Bets

Firstly, even though there are no, or very few, competitive matches, you can still place bets. You can always place early bets, often at pretty high odds. Based on what you’ve seen the during the last season you can try and predict which team will be promoted from the Championship, League One, or perhaps which team will win either one of the lower leagues, or the top tier.

The odds are usually more evenly matched after the end of the previous season, then at the beginning of the current when one team is usually regarded as a more serious candidate.

Friendly Matches

In addition to early betting, you can also bet on many of the friendly matches that take place during the summer, both club and international matches. Friendly matches are not always easy to predict, as managers experiment a lot, many players are played out of position, key players usually get a chance to rest, so they wouldn’t pick up any unnecessary injuries and so on.

On the other hand, the odds for friendly matches can be a bit higher compared to competitive matches, due to the level of unpredictability, but also because they aren’t very interesting for punters and the bookies can afford to be more flexible with the odds, as even if things don’t go well for them, their losses would be marginal. Smart punters always take advantage of such situations.

Analyse and Learn

If you intend to bet on friendly matches it is essential that you stay informed regarding the potential squads and keep track of any potential changes. As these matches are not as important, the bookies will be slower to change the odds when, for example, they learn that a key player is not even in the squad, or that one of the teams aren’t properly rested from their journey. Thus, you can benefit and take advantage of very favourable odds.

Also, you can spend the summer studying statistics a bit more, trying to discover patterns and information that might be helpful later when the season starts. Information is now available everywhere, the key is to be able to structure it appropriately and separate the useful from the not-so-useful facts.

Bookies often offer enticing promotions and casino promo codes, and taking advantage of such offers can boost your winning chances, boost your potential winnings, or both.

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