Australian FFA Cup Betting Tips

We’ve been providing FFA Cup betting tips since 2016, which doesn’t seem that long but consider that the FFA Cup has only been running since 2014 and you can see why we haven’t been covering it since the beginning of our site.

Even though we haven’t been covering it as long as we have been covering some of our other leagues, we are still one of the few UK tipster services that will offer both in play betting tips and team news along with our predictions.

What is the FFA Cup?

The FFA Cup Logo (currently sponsored by Westfield)

The FFA Cup Logo (currently sponsored by Westfield)

The FFA Cup is the common name for the Football Federation Australia Cup (which is a bit of a mouthful, I can see why we call it FFA!). It is the main knockout tournament in Australia. It features all the teams from the Australian A-League as well as teams from some of the lower divisions of Australian football.

There are 32 teams that compete in total in this knockout tournament. Pairings in each round are drawn based on a seeding system to ensure the progression of the teams from different member federations.

There are no replays, which means extra time and penalties for every match that is a draw after 90 minutes. (I do love a good penalty shoot-out!).

FFA Cup Seeding

I mentioned the seeding system earlier, it is pretty interesting. A lot of competitions seed teams in such a way that the top teams end up meeting until the later stages of the competition.

With the FFA Cup it is done slightly differently,  seeding is done to ensure progression of the lower ranked teams to try and generate exposure and revenue for some of these smaller teams.

This ensures that at least three of the lower teams will make the quarter finals and at least one is guaranteed to make the finals.

Previous Winners

At the time of writing only 3 competitions have taken place.

  • Adelaide United (2014)
  • Melbourne Victory (2015)
  • Melbourne City (2016)

Perth Glory have been runners up twice, once in 2014 and again in 2015.

Finding out more

If you’re interested in finding out more about the FFA Cup, I suggest you head over to their official website.


FFA Cup Team News

Having up to date team news is crucial when making betting decisions and we are pleased to say that for teams competing in the FFA Cup we are happy to provide relevant team news.

Why we Love the FFA Cup

Apart from some of the value we can see from a betting perspective, one of the reasons we love the FFA Cup is that the games are generally very entertaining and normally they are quite goal filled.

The games are generally played very early morning UK time and the difference in quality between the high and low seeded teams isn’t as stark as it can be in other competitions.

Of course with goal filled games aplenty you can see why we think In Play betting could be valuable for this particular competition.

Want some FFA Cup Betting Tips?

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