Austrian Cup Betting Tips

We’ve been providing Austrian Cup betting tips since 2016 and find it compliments our coverage of the Austrian Football Bundesliga very well.

Austrian Cup

The OFB Logo

The OFB Logo

The Austrian Cup is the annual knockout competition put on by the Austrian Football Association.

It carries the motto “Goals for Europe” because it is the fastest way for an Austrian team to qualify for the UEFA Europa League. You can qualify in about 6 or 7 games depending on the division of your club.

Austria Wien dominate this competition, having won it 27 times (at the time of writing).


Austrian Cup Team News

We can only offer team news for leagues and competitions when we feel confident about our news sources. Unfortunately right now we don’t offer team news for the Austrian Cup.

However we are constantly growing and improving our sources of team news and this may well change in the future.

If you think you could help us with this, please do get in touch.

Why we love the Austrian Cup

We love watching the Austrian Cup for the same reasons we love watching the Austrian Bundesliga;

  • There are plenty of high-scoring games
  • Good natured teams, so not that many aggressive encounters
  • Proud teams that like to attack a lot

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