Belgian Cup Betting Tips

Due to popular demand we’ve been supplying Belgian Cup betting tips since 2016, providing tips on the matches as well as in play betting (which I will get to later!). First, I want to talk briefly about what the Belgian Cup is.

Belgian Cup

The Belgian Cup is the main annual knockout tournament for Belgian football teams.

The format of the competition is pretty interesting;

  • The first round is played from clubs between levels 4 to 8 in the football league pyramid (which is a topic all of its own)
  • The second round is played between the teams that qualified from the first round
  • The third round includes teams from the Belgian Third Division and the teams that got through the second round
  • The fourth round includes teams from the Belgian Second Division and winners of the third round
  • The fifth round includes teams from the Belgian Pro League who get seeded to make sure they don’t play each other, instead playing the winners from the fourth round.
  • All other rounds are played between these teams, no more teams are added
  • The Quarter and Semi Finals are played in two legs (all other matches are one leg, the host is the first team to be drawn)
  • The final is always played at the Stade Roi Baudouin in Brussels


Other ways to say Belgian Cup

Because there are so many languages spoken by people in Belgian (it really does put me to shame when I go over and someone can jump from perfect French to perfect English, even though they mainly speak German!), you may know the cup by some other names;

  • Coupe de Belgique (French)
  • Beker van België (Dutch)
  • Belgischer Fußballpokal (German)
  • Cofidis Cup (it used to be called this due to sponsorship)
  • Croky Cup (current name due to sponsorship)

Why we love the Belgian Cup

The cup provides great entertainment and real end-to-end football.


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