Czech Republic Cup Betting Tips

In 2016 we decided we were confident enough in our abilities and our team to start providing Czech Republic Cup betting tips. This includes providing team news and in play betting, we will talk more about both later.

What is Czech Republic Cup

The Czech Republic Cup – known as the MOL Cup for sponsorship reasons – is the country’s top cup competition, featuring 135 sides under the banner of the Czech Football Association.

When it was first founded it carried the incredible name Pohár ?eskomoravského fotbalového svazu – and we can all be thankful for the simplification over the years.

The competition actually dates back to 1961, thought the format was changed following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Where the winner would formerly play the Slovak Cup winner in the Czechoslovak Cup, the separation of the countries means that the two competitions are now entirely separate.

Czech Republic Cup Team news

Up to date team news can be the difference between a smart bet and a blind one. We keep our members up to date with developments on MOL Cup teams so that they can make an informed bet.


Why we love the Czech Republic Cup

Though Prague has historically dominated the competition – with Sparta Prague lifting the trophy six times to Slavia Prague’s three – recent years have seen a number of different winners.

In fact, since Sparta Prague’s three back-to-back wins from 2005 to 2008, no team has won the competition more than once. This newfound level of competition has made the cup an all round more interesting affair, though it can be said that at times the quality of football is relatively poor.

Czech Republic Cup Betting Tips

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