Danish Superligaen Betting Tips

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What is the Danish Superligaen?

Up until 2016, just 12 teams competed in the Danish Superligaen, Denmarks top tier footballing league. Each team would play every other three times to make a 33-game fixture list.

The competition has since been restructured to include a further two teams and to reduce the rounds to two. The addition of a playoff structure at the season’s end is, ostensibly, an effort to make Danish football more competitive in Europe, but some see it as a money-spinner and a means to inject artificial tension.

The structure has been criticised for unfairly benefiting the league’s strongest clubs, by virtue of the top six teams playing each other twice again, in what are the competition’s most high profile games. The bottom eight teams then enter into a qualifying playoff, with two being eventually relegated.

Superligaen Team News

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Why we love the Danish Superliegaen

Despite the less than perfect new system, the Danish Superligaen is one of the most competitive leagues in Europe.

The quality gap between the best and worst teams in the Superligaen is small, and though FC Copenhagen have been relatively dominant since the turn of the century, below them there is ordinarily very little in it.

Some will absolutely love the nail-biting playoff structure, and watching teams in the bottom half fight for their stake in the league right to the last game is exciting.

Danish Superliegaen Betting Tips

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