DBU Pokalen Betting Tips

We started providing Danish DBU Pokalen betting tips in 2016 and our members have been enjoying the value you can get out of the cup. Hopefully you enjoy our writeup on what this competition is and the services we can offer around it.

What is the ?

The DBU Pokalen – or Danish Cup for short – is the primary knockout club cup competition in Danish football. Founded in 1954, the competition now sees 108 sides entered from across the Danish football pyramid.

The teams entered are not seeded but the home advantage always goes to the team that finished lower the previous season in the interest of levelling the playing field somewhat.

Lifting the trophy means entry into the following season’s Europa League tournament, unless of course the winner has already qualified through their league performance, in which case the place is passed down to the next-best side in the league.

The final is played on Kristi Himmelfarts Dag, a traditional date that actually falls before the last round of the league is played.

AGF have been the cup’s most historically successful side with eight victories, thought for the last of those you have to look as far back as 1996. In recent years, FC Copenhagen have fared better than any other side, with five wins since 2005.

DBU Pokalen Team News

We’re pleased to offer team news for the Danish Cup so that our members are never left caught out by any late changes to line ups. Make the most of our service to ensure you’re as informed as possible before laying any bets.


Why we love the DBU Pokalen

Danish football is incredibly competitive. The quality gap between the best and worst teams in Denmark is significantly smaller than in other, ‘bigger’ European footballing countries.

The final of the DBU Pokalen has is often far more high scoring than that of other major European cup competitions. Games with four goals or more have been common so tuning into the final, if nothing else, is worth your while.

DBU Pokalen Betting Tips

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