Betting Tips for International U21 Friendlies

As well as the more standard leagues and competitions we cover, we provide betting tips for International U21 Friendlies. This isn’t the most common thing for tipsters to predict on because of how unknown some of the players may be but it is something we’ve been doing from the start. We are so good at it that when possible we supply team news and in play betting for them!

International U21 Friendlies?

Lets break this down; International just means that these are national teams competing, so England, France, Estonia, etc. The U21 simply means that all players need to be under the age of 21. Finally, the Friendlies bit simply means the match doesn’t count towards a particular league or competition.

Since these matches are friendly you would think that maybe the teams wouldn’t be trying just as hard. That may be the case for older players, but these players have so much fire and passion, the strong desire to prove themselves on the international stage and also try and show themselves off to talent scouts around the world.


Team News for International U21 Friendlies

Because we have dedicated people helping us cover team news from around the world we are often brilliantly placed to share team news for some of these matches. Players who are relatively unknown on the international circuit could be very well known at a local level.

Want some Betting Tips for International U21 Friendlies?

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