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The Footy Tipster is the site to be on if you want Ligat Ha’al betting tips. We offer in play advice, team news, and of course great tips relating to Israeli’s Ligat Ha’al league.

We’ve been covering this league since our website started, so we like to think we have a pretty good handle on it!

Ligat Ha’al?

“Ligat Ha’al” in hebrew literally means The Super League (which is a fantastic name for a competition). It is the highest tier league in the Israeli football system.

The league is relatively new, it was created in 1999 and replaced Liga Leumit as the top tier division.

There are 14 teams that take part and the league is split into Championship and Relegation groups around February

You can find out more on the official Ligat Ha’al website.


Why we think the Ligat Ha’al is great to bet on

Betting on Ligat Ha’al is very profitable, especially if you watch the league regularly.

The games are very fast-paced and attack-minded, which is always great to watch. Some games can get quite aggressive, which shows how passionate the players are.

There can be frustrating finishing at times, but it is still good to watch.

It is fair to say with such attach-minded gameplay and passionate players, looking for cards or corners will be useful bets.

Want some Ligat Ha’al Betting Tips?

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