Meistaradeildin Betting Tips

We’ve been providing Meistaradeildin betting tips for as long as we’ve been running this site! It is was of the many competitions we cover that you don’t find being covered by many tipsters.

What is the Meistaradeildin?

The Meistaradeildin – also known as the Faroe Islands Premier League or Effodeildin – is the top tier of club league football in the Faroe Islands.

The league was founded in 1942, and is currently made up of 10 teams, all of which are semi-professional and overwhelming made up of Faroese players.

HB Tórshavn are the most historically successful side in the competition, with 22 titles to second-placed Klaksvík’s 17.

With a population of just 50,000, the Effodeildin is one of the few premier leagues in Europe to be heavily affected by university term time, given that most of the league’s young players head to Denmark to study rather than staying at home to play football.

Why we love the Meistaradeildin

The Effodeildin is relatively amateur but can be good fun to watch. Watching isn’t easy, though, given that it’s almost impossible to find streams.

Games are very high-scoring. It’s arguably the lowest quality league we cover, with UEFA ranking the Effodeildin at 50th of 54 in their coefficient.

Meistaradeildin Betting Tips

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