Toulon Tournament Betting Tips

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What is the Toulon Tournament?

The Toulon Tournament is an annual international football competition held in France. It has some fairly unique characteristics;

  • Games are 40 minutes per half, playing for a total of 80 minutes instead of the regular 90
  • Teams are invited to play (there is no qualifications)
  • Teams must be made up of players under 20 years old
  • It is not ran under the supervision of UEFA or any other international football body
  • The official name is Toulon Young Players’ Tournament (in French this is Tournoi Espoirs de Toulon)

The Toulon Tournament is held around the Region-du-Var, which is in the south of France. The final is held in the city of Toulon.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the tournament, you can visit the official website.

Who has traditionally done well in the Toulon Tournament?

Unsurprisingly France have a very good showing in this tournament, they have won it 12 times and came runners up 14 times since the competition started in 1967.

Brazil, England, and Portugal all have traditionally done well. In 2016 England beat France to win the tournament and Portugal beat the Czech Republic to finish third.


Why we love the Toulon Tournament

What isn’t there to love? Young footballers with a lot to prove playing their socks off for their country. The shorter games mean these players don’t worry just as much about running out of energy so they can give 100% for the entire 80 minutes.

There have been plenty of footballing gems to come out of the Toulon Tournament. We see no reason why that would stop anytime soon.

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