Great places to get Football News

–Getting all the latest facts / news / gossip can really help when making your bets for the day. The problem is that the internet is a big place so knowing the best places to look for this information isn’t always easy, hopefully you enjoy this list of great places to get football news.

I want to share with you some great places I have found to help keep up to date with football news.

Have I missed some great resources out? Let me know in the comments!

Great places to get Football News

BBC Sport – Mainly focusing on leagues being played in the UK but it has a good international focus when it needs to. This page as a lot of information at a glance.

Sky Sports – This page gives more leaning to games covered by its television channels but it is still a great place for news. Go straight to their news section if you want everything at a quick glance.

Our Comments Sections – Pretty much every day we have chatter in the comments sections of our free and paid tips pages with people posting their predictions and also team news and gossip. We have a massive following from around the world which really helps because some of these other news pages I am linking to only cover regional news.

TalkSport Football – There are a lot of ads on this page but there is still a lot of great news. I like the fact that they cram a lot of news into their main page, this allows you to quickly skim everything they have reported on.

Football 365 – This is the first site I have linked to (apart from our own ;-)) that caters 100% to just football. As well as news they also have match previews, which can be very useful.

The Guardian’s Football News – I have always found The Guardian to be one of the more level headed newspapers in circulation today. This makes me trust their football news and reporting.

TeamTalk – Focusing on UK football once more but with a load of great content including rumours and reactions.

Reddit – I covered places to look in Reddit for football in a post so I wont go on too long. Whilst it isn’t 100% dedicated to news, you will get a lot of new information quickly, especially if you look at the new links section often.

SkySports Transfer – If you want to focus on transfer news then I have to recommend Sky Sports once more. This live blog is something you can just keep in the background and open it up if you want to see the latest comings and goings.

Football Rumours – Football Rumours provides exactly what it says on the tin, lots of football rumours. It is updated often and you can vote on rumours you believe to be true.


Well, that is my list for now – If you think I have missed anything let me know!

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