How Can Betting on Football Help You Bet on the Grand National

Some would argue that sports’ betting is a lottery, plain and simple, but if you apply some knowledge to your picks, it’s possible to increase your odds of making a profit. For those of you who love to place bets on football fixtures, here are some tips to help you find just as much success at this year’s Grand National.

Know the Main Players

To win on football sports betting, you need to know your players and teams. Otherwise, it is a game of chance. Seasoned betting enthusiasts follow certain teams. They know which players are on the injury bench and which teams are performing well in the current season. Inside knowledge on performance, new signings and other football gossip go a long way to making sure you don’t waste your money backing a losing team.

It’s no different with horse racing. Horses running in the Grand National are like Premier League footballers. They receive the best training and yet they don’t always meet expectations. Nevertheless, it’s worth finding out more about your chosen horse before you place a bet, as the majority of winners come from good stock. Rank outsiders do sometimes upset the bookies by romping home at 100/1, but this is rare.


Look at Trends

If you look at football leagues, wins will typically follow a trend. Successful teams don’t just win one match. They invariably win consecutive matches because the team is playing well, each individual player is on top form, and there are very few injuries holding the team back. You can use trends to your advantage when picking a winner in the National.

Looking at past performance is a useful way to gauge future performance. It’s no different with horse racing, and in particular, the Grand National. Check out the past winners of the Grand National and you will spot some useful trends. Half of all recent winners have raced in a previous Grand National, which shows that prior experience of the fences is helpful to both horse and rider. It’s also a well-known fact that horses carrying top weights don’t perform as well (for obvious reasons). The favourite runners are often handicapped with heavier weights, so bear this in mind when placing a bet. Being placed in the Irish National is another useful indicator of a strong performance in the Grand National.

Bet Online

As any savvy sports betting enthusiast knows, it’s much simpler to place bets online. Online bets can be placed on the day and although it’s more fun to watch the Grand National live at Aintree, you can use your existing betting account to put some money on the National.

Get Your Grand National 2017 Betting Guide Here

Get Your Grand National 2017 Betting Guide Here

Know When to Cut Your Losses

You wouldn’t bet on your team if they were deep into a losing streak, would you? Of course, you wouldn’t. Horse racing is no different, which is why smart people know when to cut their losses and walk away.

The UK’s Most Iconic Horse Race

The Grand National at Aintree is one of the longest running sporting fixtures in the world. The first Grand National took place in 1839 and the 2.25-mile course is difficult for riders and horses alike. There are 16 enormous fences to navigate, including the infamous Becher’s Brook and The Chair.

Many regard the outcome of the Grand National a lottery, but if you study the form, it’s possible to make an educated prediction on which horse will be the victor at the end of the 494 yard final straight to the finish line.

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