How to place a bet with the Bet365 iPhone app

Today I want to walk you through the steps needed to place a bet using the Bet365 iPhone app, luckily for everyone concerned it is super simple.

If you have never placed a bet online before, you might want to read my article that answers the question, what is an online bookmaker?

OK so there are two things you are going to need before we begin, one is very cheap, the other is not!

  1. A Bet365 account, if you don’t have one sign up here.
  2. An iPhone, if you don’t have one and *really* want to use this app, then buy one here!

Got those two things? great! We can continue!

The first thing we will want to do is install the app, to do this click on the App Store from your phone and search for Bet 365, it will be the first result.

Bet 365 iPhone search result

Once installed you can open up the App, you will be greeted with something like this;

Bet 365 Home screen iPhone

Now we want to log in, do this by clicking the login button at the top right of the screen;

Bet 365 Login Screen iPhone

Once logged in you will be shown your current balance and then be taken back to the main screen again.

If you need to update your balance before placing a bet you can do that by clicking on your username and clicking on Deposit. If your card is on file you just have a few things to fill in before your money is topped up.

Now, lets place a bet! Of course before you do that you will want to check out our free and paid tips to make sure you are properly informed! I have just done that and seen that in the Ghana Vs USA world cup match there should be over 2.5 goals, so let me go ahead and find that by clicking on Soccer then World Cup.

Bet 365 World Cup View

To get a range of betting options click on the match you are interested in. Once you select your bet you can add the amount you wish to bet and then the bet is made.

Bet 365 iPhone confirm bet screen


Now lets look at making an In Play Bet, this is one of the more rewarding types of betting you can do because you get almost instance feedback on your bet and if you use our In Play Betting service you can get up to the minute information to help you out.

You can click In-Play at the top of many of the screens, or from the home menu it should display several of the more popular in play games happening.

Bet 365 In Play View iPhone

Now you will want to view your bets, you can do this by clicking on My Bets at the top of most screens. By default it will show you bets you can cash out on, but if you click on Show you will be able to change this to all bets.

View Bet 365 Bets iPhone


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