Odds Converter

When placing a football bet, punters may come across three different types of odds.

Here, we give you all the information you need to understand those different odds, a chart to show the most popular odds and an easy to use betting odds converter to assist you.

Different Types of Odds

The three different types of odds are Fractional (UK), Decimal (Europe), and Moneyline (US).


Also known as UK or traditional odds, Fractional odds are the most popular type used at UK-based betting shops and online bookmakers.

These odds are shown as a fraction, i.e 5/2, which is the ratio of amount won to the stake placed. The first number is the potential return from the stake shown by the second number. Your overall return would be the two numbers added together.

When saying these odds aloud you pronounce the “/” as “to” to make the above odds “five to two.”

We can explain this better by showing an example, using odds for the upcoming Premier League match between Huddersfield and Tottenham.

The odds for this match are:

Huddersfield 15/2

Draw 10/3

Tottenham 2/5

This means you could win a profit of 15 if you place a stake of 2 on Huddersfield, 10 profit for a stake of 3 on the draw, and 2 profit for a stake of 5 on Tottenham.

Obviously, you may wish to stake more or less than the second number in the fraction. To work out your potential return here you would need to divide the first number by the second to give you odds to 1, then multiply that number by your desired stake.

So, if you wanted to stake 50 on Tottenham, you would first divide 2 by 5 which would give you odds of 0.4/1. Then, you multiply that by 50 which gives you a potential profit of 20.

A downside of the Fractional odds system is that it can be a little confusing for casual punters to work out who the favourite is when the odds are close together.

Decimal Odds

Decimal Odds are widely used across Europe, and in countries such as Australia and Canada.

The odds are given as a decimal number based on a stake of 1, with the decimal showing the ratio of full return to the stake.

This system allows punters to calculate potential returns simply by multiplying their stake by the decimal odds given.

Here are examples of this using current betting odds for the winner of this season’s Premier League.

Current odds available, using a random selection, are:

Manchester City 1.90

Manchester United 3.75

Chelsea 7.00

Everton 301.00

Bournemouth 751.00

The potential overall returns for these, from a 50 stake, are:

Man City 50 x 1.90 = 95

Man United 50 x 3.75 = 187.50

Chelsea 50 x 7.00 = 350

Everton 50 x 301.00 = 15,050

Bournemouth 50 x 751.00 = 37,550

As you can see from the examples given, this system allows the punter to clearly see who the betting favourite is.

Moneyline Odds

Moneyline odds, also known as American odds, are mostly used in the United States.

These odds are either accompanied by a plus (+) or a minus (-) to indicate either how much your return will be from a 100 stake or how much you need to stake to get 100 returned. In both cases, you receive your stake back.

Here are examples of this using two upcoming Champions League matches, Napoli vs Feyenoord and Dortmund vs Real Madrid.

The odds for the first match are:

Napoli -600

Draw +600

Feyenoord +1400

Napoli are clearly the favourites to win this match, with punters needing to stake 600 to return a profit of 100. If punters placed 100 on the draw, they would win a profit of 600 and the same stake on Feyenoord would return a profit of 1400.

The reason for two examples is that there’s no clear favourite between Dortmund and Real Madrid, although the Spanish team are slightly favoured.

The odds for this match are:

Dortmund +210

Draw +260

Real Madrid +115

Here, all three possible outcomes have a + next to them which means they all show how much you would win from a 100 stake. This is 210 if you back Dortmund, 260 if you bet on the draw, and 115 for Real Madrid.

Betting Odds Conversion Chart

Here is a chart showing some of the most popular betting odds, shown in Fractional, Decimal, and Moneyline.

Fraction Decimal Moneyline
1/2 1.50 -200
4/7 1.57 -175
4/6 1.66 -150
4/5 1.80 -125
5/6 1.83 -120
10/11 1.91 -110
20/21 1.95 -105
1/1 2.00 -100
21/20 2.05 +105
11/10 2.10 +110
6/5 2.20 +120
5/4 2.25 +125
13/10 2.30 +130
11/8 2.38 +137.50
7/5 2.40 +140
6/4 2.50 +150
13/8 2.63 +162.50
17/10 2.70 +170
7/4 2.75 +175
15/8 2.88 +187.50
19/10 2.90 +190
2/1 3.00 +200
21/10 3.10 +210
11/5 3.20 +220
9/4 3.25 +225
5/2 3.50 +250
11/4 3.75 +275
3/1 4.00 +300
10/3 4.33 +333.30
7/2 4.50 +350

If the odds you are looking for are not in our chart, type the odds you desire into our betting odds converter in any form and we will show you the odds for all three different systems.