2024/25 Premier League Schedule: Mark Your Calendar for Manchester and North London Derbies

The release of the 2024/25 Premier League fixtures is always a highly anticipated occasion. It’s one that gets the entire world excited, as many like to look at the schedule and see when the biggest games will be played.

Fans of the 20 clubs will naturally be interested, but there are some fixtures that are just too big to ignore by fans of those who aren’t even involved in the matches that are to be played.

The biggest games will typically involve those that are considered to be the ‘Big Six’ or those that will be considered ‘six-pointers’ because of the importance that has been placed on winning them (for example, in terms of beating relegation). However, the derbies are among those that many immediately look for after seeing what the opening and final games of the season are.

Manchester and North London Derbies the biggest?

Given the quality of the Premier League, fans have become rather fortunate in the fact that there are several derbies that can take place over the course of the season.

There are multiple teams from the same regions in England, with London boasting the most. The 2024/25 Premier League campaign will see a total of seven clubs from the capital involved, meaning there will be a London derby almost every matchday that is played.

However, it’s possible to argue that none are bigger than the North London derby. The game between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur has always been among one of those that many circle in their calendars when it is announced, as there is a lot that can happen. It can be a fiery affair and one that can often have more than just bragging rights on the line for the two teams. With both going for Champions League football, the action on the pitch can become tense and can often lead to plenty of drama. This season’s encounters will take place:

  • At Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on 14 September
  • At Emirates Stadium on 14 January

If you head north of the country, though, you’ll arguably find another of the biggest derbies in England; one that is becoming one of the biggest in the world. The Manchester derby has only started to become as fierce and tense as it is in the last couple of decades or so, as Manchester City have taken the place of United and become the dominant force in the league, with the Red Devils being a shadow of their former selves. These matches will take place:

  • At Etihad Stadium on 14 December
  • At Old Trafford on 5 April

With the drama that can be found in these games and the furiousness that can come in these matches, it’s not surprising that they have become popular betting options for fans looking to engage in wagering activities. You can usually find good Premier League Odds available for each of these derbies because of what they bring to the table, as you can with many of the other derbies that can be considered must-watch.

What other derbies are worth knowing about in the Premier League?

For many, you could speak about the Merseyside derby in the same breath as the Manchester and North London derbies. The matches between Everton and Liverpool always provide exceptional football action, with many flashpoints typically being experienced whenever it is played.

The game can often be a hot affair for both clubs, with neither of them wanting to be on the end of a wrong result, despite the different trajectories of each team in recent seasons. These will take place:

  • At Goodison Park on 7 December
  • At Anfield on 2 April

A rivalry between Chelsea and Tottenham has started to form over the last couple of decades, with both teams not great fans of each other. The Battle of the Bridge saw tempers flair in 2016, while emotions continually run wild when the two clubs meet on the pitch. It’s clear with the action that there is a clear dislike, but this helps to create an exceptional piece of drama on the field that fans love to see. Games will be played:

  • At Tottenham Hotspur on 7 December
  • At Stamford Bridge on 2 April

Manchester United and Liverpool have a historic rivalry and one that has been going on for as long as many can remember, even before the days of the Premier League. For some, it was once the biggest rivalry in football, and while both clubs are in different positions than they were once before, this is one spectacle that hasn’t changed all that much. Watch out for the following dates:

  • At Old Trafford on 31 August
  • At Anfield on 4 January

Indeed, there are rivalries all over the Premier League, regardless of location, and these derbies are arguably what makes the league the best in the world.

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