Take on the Tipster

Have you ever thought Ian should have bet a different way with something? Do you fancy yourself a bit of a tipster at heart?

Now you have the chance to prove it with our take on the tipster competition! In this competition you can take on Ian on a one-to-one bet and see how well you do.

The stakes? Well we leave that up to you! You fill in the form below letting Ian know how much you are willing to bet, for the reward you can pick the length of membership you would like, either weekly or monthly. If you win we will add that length of time onto your membership! If you lose then we collect the money as agreed.

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This could be something like:

  • £5 that actually Man City will beat Liverpool
  • £7 that there will be over 3 goals scored in the Eng/Italy match
  • £50 that this accumulator comes off...

The stake

Take on the Tipster FAQs

Can a bet be refused?

Ian can turn down any proposed bet or ask for adjustments before agreeing.

What can I win?

You can only win membership from us but you can opt to either use their stake for membership or just to simply pay us if you lose.

How do I pay you if I lose?

You have to have a PayPal account for us to do this.

Anything else I should know?

You need to have a good level of understanding of the markets in question so that you know what constitutes a win or a loss for the given bet.

Any more questions? Please don’t hesitate to email us.