The Footy Tipster’s 2014 Year in Review

Happy New Year!

As is the custom on many websites I wanted to start the year off by looking back at how we did in 2014, hopefully you find it interesting!

In Football

The biggest event in 2014 had to have been the World Cup, there were tonnes of upsets and unexpected results, which lead to Nial questioning if Brazil 2014 was the most unpredictable World Cup ever! It also lead to me posting some of the best Suarez pictures on the internet after he bit someone during the competition.

New Features

2014 saw us adding an official mailing list for the first time – We have had a lot of positive feedback about this, we are really glad people are getting value out of it.

Removing Features

In May we decided to remove the message board, not that many people were using it and we wanted to focus any conversations into our comments, we also streamlined some of the help sections to make it easier for new people to understand what was happening on the site.

New Partner

We were recently happy to announce that we are working with Mondo Goal as our fantasy football partner. We hope to really build ties with them, and all our partners more in 2015.

Some of our Best posts from 2014

Apart from the epic posts that Ian makes daily both for free and for our amazing members we have managed to find time to write some posts that seem to really be helping people out;

Looking Ahead

So what is in store for The Footy Tipster in 2015?

  • More Awesome Tips and Team News
  • More Amazing Blog Posts
  • More of what you want! (Seriously, if you have any ideas of ways we can make the site better we are always all ears! This site is nothing without you)

I really hope you had a good 2014 and have an absolutely amazing 2015. I think 2015 is going to be the best year yet for TFT, and I hope you will come along with us for the ride!

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