Can you trust Bet365?

Long time readers of the site will know that we’ve almost always had Bet365 banners on the site and regularly use them as examples when we’re writing about bookmakers, our question today is, can you trust Bet365?

Recently we had a really great email from a one of our readers

I see that you recommend Bet365 as a bookmaker. It looks like a really good service, but I have heard from a lot of folks around the internet on different forums and so forth that they restrict winners down the road. Isn’t that correct? Haven’t you had that experience?

I’m not just saying that it was a really great email, it really was. This is a topic worries a lot of people.

We know bookies can be a law unto themselves. So much so that a while back we wrote the ultimate guide to getting your way with the bookies.

Here is Ian’s response – bolding is mine.

I appreciate that most businesses such as ourselves are expected to endorse products as part of the service but I genuinely believe 365 is the best. I’ve used others but none of them come close to the market variety, consistently good odds, or customer service. It’s very easy to use too. They’re the only bookmaker I’ve used for years now.

In terms of whether they’ll restrict you or not – that’s applicable for every bookmaker. At the end of the day, they’re businesses. Bookmaker rules are very grey areas; each one has almost got complete autonomy over what goes on. So, to answer your question – yes, you can be restricted if you make too much money. That can happen anywhere though. The bookies don’t want to lose money, after all, so if it makes sense for them to boot you then they will. To be honest, the instances I’ve encountered this have been very minimal; I would consider it a personal success if you make that much money so I would wait to cross that bridge if and when you come to it.

To conclude

I understand that Betteridge’s law of headlines would suggest that the answer to can you trust Bet365 is “no”, but in this case I think it is more of a “you’re asking the wrong question, focus on losing less often, and getting into a position were this is a legitimate concern”

My thoughts on trusting Bet365

I can also add my two pennies and say that I too use Bet365 and have found any interaction with them to be pleasant and professional. I cannot say that for a lot of the other bookies I’ve used!

What are your thoughts?

This is a thorny topic and we’d love to get more opinions, so please do comment below if you’ve had any positive (or negative) experiences with Bet365!

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