2021 Betting Sites Review: Best Asian Bookmakers

Using the best of something is always great but why would you choose Asian betting sites over European bookies? That’s because Asian sportsbooks:

  • Offer the same capabilities as other Western betting sites but European bookmakers cannot provide the same features as Asian bookies.
  • Have more odds with greater value as Asian betting odds quickly adapt to changes per game.
  • Provide access to betting markets like Asian handicap.
  • Have a various selection of odds and betting types. It also has odds for Asian sports that European bookies don’t have access to.
  • Have higher limits made for high rollers and support diverse currencies.

Knowing these advantages, we can understand why you are excited to start betting using the best Asian bookmakers. To give you more edge, create an account with VOdds and, you can get their reward of up to 200£/€ bonus from August 14 (Saturday) to November 14, 2021 (Sunday) and use it to bet on the English Premier League (EPL) 2021/22.


Here are the Top Asian Bookmaker Platform for 2021

  • SBOBet – Best for in-play betting

SBOBet is undeniably the best Asian bookmaker for live betting as reviewed by experts. And who would argue that when they have won several awards and titles over the years. Aside from live betting function, their large variety of sports and Asian markets and high bet limits gained them an outstanding reputation among professional punters. SBOBet is licensed to operate across European and Asian countries.

But no bookmaker is perfect and even SBOBet has some missteps. For the month of July 2021, it has some significant numbers of void pre-game bets after the EURO Cup. This risk level changes every month, you can check the ratings here from time to time. Aside from these occasional incidents, SBOBet is still the top Asia bookmaker for live betting.

  • Pinnacle – Best for low margin and high payout 

With 20 years of experience and with users across more than 100 countries, Pinnacle has mastered giving the best betting services. Their site is easy-to-navigate with search and favourites functions as well as a built-in Stats Centre.

But I think what you will like more about them is their low margins. This will increase your chances of winning while giving the best possible value to your bets. They also have no limit for betting for the 6 sports and 15 betting types they support. Plus their payout percentage is up to 96.9% making them the top bookmaker in terms of margin. You don’t have to worry about risks as Pinnacle has no records of abnormal or void bets.

  • Matchbook – Top peer-to-peer Asian betting site 

If you are more interested in online gambling with other punters instead of betting against bookies, then we recommend Matchbook. You can bet on more than 30 markets for football betting including Half-time, Totals, and Asian handicap betting. For an online betting exchange platform, it has a lower commission rate compared to larger competitions like Betfair. In fact, you can enjoy a 0% commission on all sports for the first 30 days after you register. Same with Pinnacle, it also has no history of risks for abnormal or void bets in the past months.

Sports betting is not about loyalty to a single bookmaker. We think it’s smarter for you to use different sportsbooks interchangeably depending on their risk level and bonuses. And doing this will be easy peasy thanks to Asian sportsbook software like VOdds. If you can’t choose your sportsbooks yet, then you can try registering to multiple bookies in one account and claim a welcome bonus of up to 100£/€.

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