Team News

One of the benefits to becoming a member of The Footy Tipster is that you will receive up-to-date team news, which will in turn give you an even better chance of winning your bets.

Why is Team News Important?

Team news is extremely important for several reasons.

Firstly, it shows the strength at which every team will be performing. If they have star players injured or suspended, it weakens the team. Also, for less important games, a manager may decide to rest players for bigger matches. This not only means the team will be at less than full strength but it gives an indication as to the managers desire to win the match.

Checking team news before placing a bet can help you to win money, but it may also prevent you losing. If you decided to bet on a team to win just because they are higher in the league than their opponents and on a better run of form, you may want to ensure a full-strength team will be on display. If not, the opposition may nick a draw or even pick up a surprise victory.

Having the team news ahead of betting on a game is quintessential. If a side is only doing well because one player is carrying them and he happens to be unavailable or not selected, it’d be prudent to either not bet on the game or potentially even change your bet to go the other way.

Statistics to Prove the Importance of Team News

To show an example of this, we will look at statistics for Manchester United with and without Zlatan Ibrahimovic during the 2016/17 season.

The Swedish striker made twenty-eight league appearances for United during the campaign, missing ten. With him in the team, they won fifteen, drew ten, and lost just three. Without him, they only won three times, lost twice, and drew five.

Percentage-wise, that’s a 53.6% win-rate with him in the team and only 30% without. Also, United lost just 10% of league games in which Ibrahimovic played and 20% of games without.

So, this proves Ibrahimovic was an extremely important player and percentage-wise it was better to not bet on United when he wasn’t available.

Another example of this is Sadio Mane, who helped Liverpool to win 63% and lose just 11% of matches in which he played. Without him in the team, that win-rate dropped to 45% and the losing percentage rose to 27%. This indicates Liverpool were a much stronger team when Mane was available.

Christian Benteke was pivotal to Crystal Palace successfully fighting against relegation, playing in thirty-six league games for them. Although they lost more than 50% of games with him in the team, they lost 100% of games without him.

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