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Bet more consistently with your own personal tipster.

Tips made just for you

We realise that sometimes you want some advice tailor-made to your particular betting style, the leagues you bet on, or the bookies you like you use.

With TFT’s Personal Tips service you can enjoy having your own personal tipster on hand to help you win more consistently at the bookies.

Whether you need help with a specific bet for the day, or want something a bit more long term – we will be able to help.

How does it work?

Our Personal Tips service means that you will work with Ian (our expert at The Footy Tipster) to come up with tips that suit you, instead of you having to make the decision based on the information we share with everyone.

You can choose how many tips you would like to receive; whether that be help just for one day or more long-term like a set number of tips per week. The tips will be shared via your favourite communication platform (normally email or Whatsapp).

Complete the form below Ian will contact you and ask any further questions if necessary and propose a start date Start receiving expert personal tips

Low risk betting

We only get paid if the tip wins!

The good news is that we will only get paid if the tip wins meaning it has zero risk for you. If the tip wins, you will pay us a set fee agreed at the outset.

What our clients say

I have been with the TFT team for over 6 years I reckon, and in all this time I can surely say that I will be with them till the end. Members section is a bettors gem. Proud to have stumbled upon Ian and Toby. Great job guys!

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