There are no 100% guarantees in football betting

Something I get asked a lot about is if we offer 100% guarantees with our tips. The short answer to this question is no.

I didn’t think a page just saying “no” would be very useful, so in this article I want to explain why we will never give you a 100% guarantee on the tips. Hopefully by the end of it you will see that we are justified in doing so.

Football betting involves risk, it always will and that just isn’t something we legally have to say, it is common sense. If there was no risk involved bookmakers wouldn’t be able to make any money and there would be no need for tipster sites like ours. Even if we were to stick to almost sure fire “safe” bets that provided little in the way of actual value there are still going to be upsets and things that happen in a game that we just can’t predict.

If anyone tells you that their tips are 100% going to pay off, they are lying to you. Unfortunately there are a lot of “tipsters” on places like Facebook and Twitter who will tell you otherwise. Normally they have a string of luck (or more often than not, have several bets running at once and pick the string of winners) and use this as proof that their tips are 100%. They take your money, give you tips that ultimately don’t pay off and then they go.

What is slightly more reasonable is some places will offer you money back if the tips they give you don’t work. We don’t offer this either.

The reason we don’t offer refunds on our tips is because our members get so much more than just a list of bets to make, they get analysis and team news. Ian’s opinion obviously holds a massive amount of sway but we always advocate never blindly going in and making bets.

We could put a lot less effort into the site and just come up with 5 tips each day, but that isn’t what we are about. Luckily for us the majority of serious football bettors understand that.

Hopefully that helps to explain why we are never going to claim 100% anything, and please, be dubious of anyone who claims otherwise.