How to read our tips

Today we want to talk briefly about how to read our tips. This is a very common question that new people have to our site.

If you’d like to watch a video, here you go!

The team we select in bold is the team we back to win the game. If both teams are in bold, then we have backed a draw. For site members, the number after the teams is the level of confidence we feel in my selection out of 10. Also, don’t misconstrue what a rating of 2 would mean; we still think it will happen but we’re just not as confident as with other fixtures for various reasons i.e. a derby match. Examples are below.

AC Milan vs Siena (10) – Basically, if AC Milan fail to win this game, the world will implode. Naturally this is an exaggeration but you should get the gist of my point as a result!

Man Utd vs Chelsea (3) 2-1 – We think Man Utd should win the game, but we won’t be putting our house on it because there are a lot of risk elements involved. We’ve come to the conclusion that the scoreline is fairly likely to be 2-1 and thus have added it as a helpful pointer.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid (5) – We’re fairly confdent this will end up a draw.

You can read more commonly asked questions in our FAQ, and you might want to checkout our beginners guide to football betting.

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