Head Over Heart: How To Know When Your Team Doesn’t Deserve Your Bet

Sports betting is one of the world’s most popular pastimes and one of the oldest. There are accounts of people betting on athletes during the Olympiads in Ancient Greece; nowadays, it’s a multibillion-dollar market. In 2021, this segment reached a market size of USD 76.75 billion, with projected growth of 10.2% yearly until 2030. 

So, if you’re placing a bet on your favourite team this weekend, you aren’t alone. Still, does it deserve that bet on that particular match? In this article, we’ll help you to keep your heart and your head (and wallet) separate while placing your bets.

Choosing a Betting Site

Now that you’ve done your homework, analysing which side has the best chances (no passion involved), it’s time to look for the best betting sites for beginners and pros. According to Statista, a highly regarded statistics platform, over 25,000 businesses are operating in the sports betting market. Here are some tips for choosing the best betting site for you. 

  • Read reviews from different trusted websites, and also check forums and comment sections for other people’s opinions;
  • Compare bonuses and promotions of the most popular sportsbooks of the moment. Free bets and deposit match bonuses are the most common offers;
  • Compare odds and also payment methods: trustworthy websites always provide safe options such as Visa/Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, etc.;
  • Check how many sports are available and also how many leagues it covers in your favourite sport;
  • Prefer options that provide online customer support, such as live chat.

Reality Check

Sports betting is a fascinating way of engaging with our favourite sport and following our favourite teams. Also, every sports fan knows that betting on our favourite team in a decisive match makes it all the more exciting. No one is saying to stop supporting your team, by no means. Yet, is it the top dog while playing away on a rainy day?

When there’s money involved, your heart shouldn’t be the one calling the shots. There’s an array of factors and stats to consider in order to place a bet with realistic chances. Those who bet more frequently and wisely do considerable research before choosing their bets. Here are some other tips from the pros.

Be Stats-Savvy

Common tips from the more experienced include checking over the competition’s stats. It includes checking how many games both teams won, home and away, performance in high altitudes (depending on the match), performance in rainy conditions, and so on. Additionally, it’s essential to check the result of at least the last three matches of both sides and if there are any missing players. 

Trust Your Research

Sportsbooks are a business like any other; at the end of the day, they also have to make ends meet. It doesn’t mean they’ll cheat you on odds, but that the odds, although realistic, are carefully designed to maximise their profit, not yours. 

So, if, after thorough research, you arrived at a different conclusion regarding underdogs and favourites, go for it. More experienced punters also like to bet on less hyped matches because they usually have better odds for those fading the public. 


Having strict and responsible bankroll management is essential for staying in the game. Bankroll management isn’t a problem for those betting only occasionally. Still, having a budget plan is paramount if you’d like to keep some consistency in your betting habits. Most professional punters go for smaller bets on various matches and markets. Anyway, it’s never advisable to bet all your bankroll at once. 

What Are The Odds?

Learning how to read odds should be the first step for anyone who’d like to bet on sports. The American system is one of the most common and uses – and + to indicate favourites and underdogs. The side with negative odds is the favourite to win the match and the least profitable side to bet on. 

The number it’s a reference for a bet of 100 bucks. If a side has odds of -120, it means you need to bet 120 bucks to win 100, should your bet succeed. Similarly, if the odds are +120, you’ll win 120 bucks for a 100 bucks bet. The favourite side will always be the least profitable option since it’s the side that’s most likely to win. Despite the slim margin, betting on the favourite still gives you more chances.

So, if you go to your sportsbook on the day of the match and see a plus sign next to your favourite team’s odds, it’s time to reconsider your bet. Unless you have solid evidence that your team has actual winning chances, maybe it’s better to put your money on the favourite and have more chances of walking away with some money. 

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