Free Football Tips

Free football tips is a bit of an odd topic. I mean we’ve been sharing free football tips for the best part of a decade at this point but they aren’t exactly free. You have to put a lot of trust in the tipster because it is your money you will be spending on the tip. Unfortunately many people have lost lots of money with “free tips”.TFT Logo – Free Football Tips

I’m just here for the free tips: Ha, efficient, I like it! Check our daily football tips page for all our free tips, they are clearly marked.

One of the reasons we’ve given out so many free tips over the years (it has pretty much been daily) is because we think it shows a certain level of commitment to football betting and to our users. It is too easy in this day and age to set up a Facebook account and start spouting off “easy” wins. We want to be in it for the long haul and to help as many bettors as possible.

Part of this commitment means we need to cover more than just the English Premier League. As a result we’ve ended up covering a staggering number of competitions. Hopefully you’ll find your favourite competition in there!

Free Football Tips take many forms

There are free tips in the sense of “here are my thoughts on today’s games”, and that is what we do on our free to view pages. But there are also free tips in the sense of educating people on how to be a better bettor (try saying “be a better bettor” 20 times fast!).

We’re trying to accomodate the latter by providing free to read guides like;

If there is an area of football betting you would love to see a guide on, please comment on any of the free posts and we will do our best to accomodate!

Free Tipster Community

One of the things we’ve loved to see as we’ve grown The Footy Tipster is the community of bettors that have stuck with the site and commented with their thoughts to Ian’s picks. It is great when ideas are challenged and opinions shared. Unfortunately I’ve heard a lot of tipster websites have to really lock down their comments because the community can be a bit toxic, we’ve been really lucky in that all our members and users have been really nice people!

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