3 Games to keep an eye on in the UEFA Nations League

After the excitement experienced witnessing club football and the international break approaching, the UEFA Nations League also moves into the next set of games. In the set of matches prior to the break, some very intense matches were witnessed with amazing outcomes. The young Dutch team managed to overcome the mighty German side with a difference of three goals. England also skillfully managed a win over Luis Enrique’s Spanish side despite having to sweat it before finally clinching the victory.

Some have questioned as to whether the tournament is a successful innovation or a grouping of glorified friendlies. We believe that it is the former, as the England versus Spain game is testament to the fact that it has brought in a competitive edge that was not present in friendlies before.

Netherlands v. France (17/11/18)

The previous meeting between the two sides was an entertaining affair where the French side won by a slight 2-1 difference. The statistics definitely did display the game’s quality with both sides having possession and number of passes that were near equal. However, it was the shots on target that brought about the difference. France managed to put in only two out of the fifteen shots, which is proof of the strong defense that the Dutch side boasts of.

France will definitely be depending on their young talisman Kylian Mbappe to create trouble for the Dutch. Already having won the World Cup, the French are definitely favourites, with the odds being 9/4 that they win this tournament as well. Participate in the UEFA Nations League betting 2018 where one can bet on France or a host of other teams playing in this tournament.

England v. Croatia (18/11/18)

This will be the third time that the English will take on the World Cup runners-up in a period of four months. The opening fixture in this period, being the World Cup semi-final was the most crucial one where England lost despite an early lead.

The second encounter happened in a more eerie setting in Rijeka, Croatia where there was not a single person in the audience and the result was a draw with no goals. The upcoming fixture, however, will have a lot more in store as Modric will have to up his game to show that he is a strong contender for the Ballon d’Or. Further, Harry Kane will also have to show that he is more than just one of the players to watch out for in the Premier League, and remind everyone that he is a goal-scorer in international games as well. England are favourites to win the game at 9/1, so there is something to cheer about for the punters.

Croatia v. Spain (16/11/18)

The previous fixture between the two sides was a lopsided affair with the Spanish side clinching a victory after putting six goals into Croatia’s net. Isco and Marco Asensio along with their teammates had all the artillery and determination to punish the Croatians.

In the upcoming fixture, the Hrvatska Nogometni will definitely have to play like World Cup finalists if they are to keep their chances alive. Considering they are playing in their own backyard and the general hostility of supporters at Zagreb towards visitors, the odds are highly in their favour. This will also mean that the Spanish side will have to ensure they are calm if they desire to win.


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