5 reasons why I track my bets

Sports Betting is an Investment!

If you’re reading this article, the chances are you are a level or two above the “casual punter” grade of bettor. It was when I was at this level that I decided to track my bets. Not only is sports betting a lot of fun, it is also a great chance to establish a long-standing source of income – if you get it right.

Think about why you invest money in anything. You may have invested money in solar panels, or stocks & shares. Those double-glazed windows you look out of every morning were installed for a reason: To save money. Every investment you make is a calculated decision that you feel will result in financial gain. Approach sports betting in the same way. I do, and that’s why I track my bets.

More data = Greater rewards

Sports betting as a long-term project requires me to track my bets. In a world where marginal gains can make all the difference, it is essential for me to harvest as much information as possible in order to make the best financial decisions. Using Bettingmetrics to track my bets is a key ingredient in the sports-betting mix, as it gives me key information such as form, trends and other patterns that can help me make decisions moving forward.

The more I track my bets, the more of a return I get on my time and monetary investments.  Over the months and years, more data has become available to me, and seasonal patterns have appeared, giving me a better idea of how to manage my money in the long-term. For example, thanks to my tracking, I have noticed that my Goals Galore bets (Goals Galore is where both teams score in a football match) are more successful in the months of April and May. This could be due to teams playing more openly towards the end of the season, but if I didn’t track my bets, it would be pretty difficult (and time-consuming) for me to ascertain that information.  Thanks to that intel, I can focus my attention on other more lucrative betting options in other parts of the football season.

Track My Bets = Right Track to Betting Glory

Casual betting is usually a fairly arbitrary process. You head on to the betting website, pick your selections, and off you go. Most of the time, these casuals probably make a loss. Now, if you had the information to tell you that those bets were doomed to fail, you wouldn’t place them in the first place, would you?

Because I track my bets, I’m as close as I possibly can be to predicting my success before I even place the wager.  When you take out the “randomness” that can be part of betting on sport, it clears the smokescreen, making your judgment a lot less cloudy.

Are you looking in the wrong places for the best value? Sometimes – as Bettingmetrics blog explains – the least popular markets are where the money really is…

It’s one thing to study the form of teams and horses when you are considering your selections, but taking into account the results of similar historic bets takes your betting game up a level.  Odds that bookmakers offer you can price you out of the market in two ways. They are either too short for you to feel it’s worth risking your money, or they are simply so high that they put you off backing them. One thing that bookmakers can’t do is get hold of your betting data across multiple platforms, but you are prithy to that breadth of information when using the Bettingmetrics software. Because I track my bets in one centralized place on Bettingmetrics, I am able to narrow down all of my betting activity to an extremely granular level, and then drill down into the fine specifics of where I am experiencing a high return on investment.

Using Bettingmetrics’ software, I have a wealth of data from more than two years’ of corner-betting data from English football’s second division. From this, I have noticed various patterns in regards to which grounds see the most corners (and against which opposition), when in the year I can expect the most corner kicks, and I can even optimize my corner-betting ROI by monitoring my success in the often-lucrative handicaps sector. Why? Because I track my bets.

Play the Establishment at Their Own Game

Look in your wallet for a second. Is there a supermarket loyalty card in there? Probably…

These guys operate in the same way that I do when I track my bets. Supermarkets use these loyalty cards to track your activity in their stores. They then market products to you, based on your shopping habits. Google do the same thing when they retarget you with products you have been looking at during your internet browsing sessions.

Isn’t it time you did the same with your betting?

The concept is exactly the same. I track my bets in order to gather information on my betting patterns, so that I can market the most appetizing and historically successful bets back at myself so that I can be more successful and make even more money. I track my bets because I take the business of sports betting seriously. I track my bets because while a bet on the football is a lot of fun, it is just that bit more exciting when you make it a steady source of income.

And, most importantly, I track my bets because it pays for my beers at the weekend.

Could this arbitrage software cause a storm in your betting programme?

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