7 Betting Bonuses Worth Claiming on Bookie Sites

Bookmakers give out bonuses for many reasons. For some, it’s a way of welcoming new customers. Others want to appreciate loyal players. A few reward you on your birthday while almost every bookmaker has promotions during major sports events.

Most of these promotions have a short expiry date. So, when you find a bonus you think could help increase your profits, use it while it’s still active. But how do you know which offers are worth it? This article reviews different types of free bets and how to choose the best.

No Deposit Free Bets

When you register an account at the best bookie sites, you get a free bet even before you deposit money. Some bookies let you bet on any game with the offer, but most betting sites have rules of how you should use it.

For instance, you could be asked to bet on a football game with odds 2.00 or more. If you win the bet, you could be required to wager the profits one more time before you can withdraw the money. Some bookies are stricter and might force you to bet their offer on an accumulator of four or more bets.

Find no deposit bonuses with few rules. Confirm you can withdraw your profits and that the bookie offering it has a solid reputation. If the bonus looks good, but the bookmaker has reputation problems, its bonus will be worthless.

First Deposit Bonus

Bookies love to give out first deposit bonuses more than anything else. The offers come in different forms, but the most common offer is to match your deposited money100%. So, if you deposit €20, you receive €20 as a reward.

A few UK-based betting sites give you £50 after you bet £10 on their websites. Others give you up to €100, provided you deposit a similar amount. Bookmakers.net reviews some of the sites at https://bookmakers.net/football-betting/. Most of the bookies also have incredible football payouts that range from 93% to 96%.

But no matter how big bonuses look, read their terms and conditions beforehand. As much as you want to receive a €100 free bet, verify you can withdraw your bonus wins. Also, find out what you must do to withdraw your money.

No Lose Bet

Instead of matching your deposit, some bookmakers give you a free bet if your first bet on their website ends as a loss. If you win, you get to keep your profits, and that’s it. But if you lose, you receive a free bet to offset your previous loss.

The best no lose bets allow you to recoup your losses without dictating how you should bet. That means you choose games you like no matter their odds. However, beware of rules before you claim a no lose offer. If they are strict and restrict you to betting high odds’ games, find a different reward.

First Win Free Bet

As opposed to getting a bonus when you lose, some bookmakers do the opposite. They award you a reward if you win your first ever wager on their website. By default, bookies tell you what sort of wagers you must place and win to receive a bonus.

In many cases, you must win a game with odds 1.50 or more as a rule. You get a bonus limiting you to betting high odds’ games also. But that’s alright if those are the only rules and that you can cash out your bonus wins.

Mobile Betting Bonuses

Bonuses for mobile app users are on the decline. But still, some of the top bookmakers give out free bets when you download and install their apps. You receive one or two free bets with no wagering requirements on the best betting apps.

Some companies won’t give you free bet until you deposit real money, though. Despite that, find out which bookies have mobile betting bonuses the next time you decide to install a betting app. Note the rewards are hard to find these days, so consider alternative bonuses as well.

Reload Bonuses

You get reload bonuses when you deposit money as a regular customer. The offers are never guaranteed, and some bookies don’t have them entirely. But on the best betting sites, you’ll get a bonus every time you reload your bankroll.

Reload bonuses tend to be smaller than first deposit offers. For instance, you could receive a 50% match on your amount instead of a 100% match. Some bookies, however, opt to give you free bet instead of matching your money.

Either way, you get a bonus for reloading your deposit. Of course, you can use your bonus on different games, albeit with some rules. Ensure you read these terms before you claim the offers. If the rules are strict and include wagering ridiculous sums of money to withdraw your bonus, forego the bonus.

Event Specific Bonuses

Event-specific free bets are exactly what they sound like. You get a bonus to bet during a major game. During Champions League nights, for example, some bookmakers provide free bets if you can meet their qualifications.

The bonuses come back during national teams’ events like UEFA Euro Competitions, the Nations’ League or the World Cup. At times, you can receive free bets on derby nights or any competitions that drive massive interest from bettors.

Of course, the bonuses aren’t related to football. If you also bet on horse racing, tennis, the NBA, or the NFL, you can look forward to free bets during the playoffs.

Look for betting sites that offer bonuses in addition to exclusive rewards like cash backs. Some bookies, for instance, give you up to 10% if you bet on a horse, but it losses by a neck. Others let you cash out your accumulator profits if it’s only one game remaining.

To Conclude

Bonuses can help increase your profits and recoup losses. But beware of their terms and conditions. Some bonuses can’t be cashed out. Others have so many rules that it is illogical to fulfill them. Find bonuses with manageable rewards so that you can cash out your bonus profits conveniently.

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