7 Useful Betting Tips

Ian recently shared these nuggets of wisdom with me and I thought they were too good to leave in an email.

Here are seven useful betting tips.

  1. Be wary of the bookies’ layouts. They are very shrewd businesses. They will put the markets that they want you to bet on near the top of each screen because it jumps out at you as you scroll down, and they know most people are too lazy to find the bet that they originally wanted to make when seduced by a similar bet. However, the difference between backing a team to score next, and a team to simply score, is generally very little in terms of odds, but one is an awful lot safer than the other! There are numerous examples of this to be found, too.
  2. Bookies are a law unto themselves. There are very few regulations in their world, so try to stay on their good side, or they can simply ban you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
  3. Try to cover your bets. Instead of taking over 2.5 goals, take over 2 goals instead. That way, you get your money back if you’re one short in the goals department.
  4. You make more money from avoiding losses than you do from trying to win more often. Everybody wins, and everybody loses. Increasing your winning percentile is possible, but it will be minimal because of luck. However, you can affect the amount of times that you lose by reducing your stake, covering your bet, or knowing when to cash out.
  5. Try not to get caught up in the moment; always apply logic. Logic will keep you on the right path, whereas testosterone etc. will only encourage you to make bad decisions, and that one is a lesson for life, not just for betting!
  6. Brush up on your geography, and your science skills. Sometimes, football matches can be decided by the elements, the terrain, or even the general conditions of the location long before the players even get a say.
  7. Input from all sources is welcome, but always take it with a grain of salt; it’s you that decides whether to bet or not, so make up your own mind.

Hopefully you find these useful, if you do please consider sharing them – the links are below :-)

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