Benefits of sports betting compared to casino gambling

One of the biggest industries in the world at the moment is the sports betting industry, worth over $203 billion. Another industry that has done surprisingly well, with many online casinos such as these being launched every day, is the casino industry, currently worth around $227 billion.

You might be wondering how many gamblers bet on sports, and how many sports bettors gamble at the casino. Your next thought might be which is the best, and what benefits does sports betting offer that casino gambling does not. If those were your thoughts, then here is everything you need to know about sports betting compared to casino gambling, in case you were thinking of trying your luck at either. 

Wins over long-term 

The most apparent difference between sports betting and casino gambling lies in the odds of winning, and this difference is even more noticeable over the long-term. In a nutshell, this basically the means that the longer you gamble in a casino, online or physical, the greater the chances of you losing become. The opposite is true with sports betting. 

This is because the odds of winning and the house edge at casino games stay constant, unless you are really good at poker or blackjack, but even then, you are playing against people that might be better than you. When betting on sports, you have the choice over which games to bet on, and some have different odds than others, so you have a greater chance of winning more consecutively over a longer period of time. 

Wider variety of games

The second benefit that sports betting offers that casino gambling doesn’t is the fact that there are way many sports to bet on than there are casino games to play. The various categories of casino games are blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, slots, baccarat, bingo, Pai Gow, Sic-Bo and a few more. This is comparison to sports betting is miniscule when considering there are 8,000 sports in the world.

The disparity is widened even more when you realize that within most of those sports are different leagues, and even if there were 2 leagues per each sport, that increases your choices for betting up to 16,000. This means that you will probably never be able to bet on every single different sport and league more than once, if once at all, in your entire life. 

The entertainment value

Casino gambling is undoubtedly really fun, and the casino industry is attempting to incorporate gamification in order to make the games more interactive, and focus less on gambling. However, as fun as gambling is, the main reason why many people play is to make money, and when that doesn’t happen the games lose their entertainment value. 

When this is compared to sports betting, the entertainment value that it provides becomes blaringly apparent. Not only are you able to bet on your favorite sports like football, hockey, golf, boxing and more, you are able to watch the matches, competitions and games take place, which is fun even if you are not betting on them. 

Easy to become knowledgeable 

Another advantage that sports betting offers that casino gambling does not, is that it is much easier to become knowledgeable, and dare it be said – an expert, at sports betting. One of the reasons for this is because the majority of casino games don’t require much skill and rely on randomness and computer algorithms, however the ones that do, are very difficult to master and there is so much to learn. 

Compare this to sports betting, where one need only do research and learning about odds, and then research about the teams and players, and use logic and intuition to place a good bet. 

Many different betting options 

Finally, sports betting offers a vast variety of betting options when compared to casino gambling. At the casino, the bets are dependent on the game that is being played, but ultimately, the main differences between the betting options are the amount of money being bet and what denomination is being used. 

Sports betting on the other hand provides multiple betting options, that can be used individually, or some at the same time. Some betting options include prop bets, point spreads, teasers, parlays, and moneylines among others. This is why the sports betting industry has become so popular over the last few years. 

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