The Benefits of Using Different Sports Trading API

In a different article, we discussed how important it is that you are quickly informed about injuries and other match updates in sports betting. We also mentioned how API can help you in doing this. But what exactly is API and why should you consider using it? Let us answer that below.

Sports Betting API

This is an Application Programming Interface that you can tweak however you want to simplify your betting. Just think of when you ask Google for a recommendation and it shows the result in seconds. It’s the API that works behind the scenes to collect necessary data based on what you ask. Now, imagine getting today’s betting odds right on schedule without even manually asking for it? Thanks to sports trading API, you can enjoy all these benefits:

  • Place back and lay bets automatically.
  • Gather unique data based on your specifications.
  • See patterns on odds, markets, and betting styles and understand how they shift through time.
  • Study your historical data to see which strategy is effective for you.

All of these will come together to help you be a flexible sports bettor. Who does not want to be an informed punter? And because you have access to real-time data, you can make last-minute bets and grab a quick win.

Can regular punters use it?

So far, everything sounds wonderful. But can you use it yourself? This is where we will reveal that sports betting API already exists before but only among bettors with programming and software engineering backgrounds.

If you are one of these lucky people, then you don’t have to worry as using or creating an API will be a walk in the park for you.

But what if you are not? There will be a learning curve but you can also use APIs. As the betting industry continues to flourish, related tools are also developing so everyone can use them without prior experience. If you don’t have a coding background and have a tight budget, you can use turn-key APIs that bookmakers and sports trading platforms have made available for you. They give you a customizable tool right of the case.

One betting site with a ready-to-use betting API is VOdds, a sports aggregator platform. You can use their Unity API on their site or on your own computerized trading strategies. If you’re interested in receiving real-time odds and sports data as well as betting in multiple bookmakers, sign up today and claim up to 200£/€ bonus from August 14 (Saturday) to November 14, 2021 (Sunday). You can immediately use it to bet on the ongoing 2021/22 English Premier League (EPL) season.


Different types of Betting API

  1. Betting odds API

This is the most important data you can get using API. You can get betting odds data compilation and analysis in different sports you are betting on. The data you get includes pre-match sports odds, real-time odds, live feeds, and live scores. Most of the time the information is compiled as JSON formatted, Google Sheets, or Excel compatible data.

  1. Data API

Once you are done setting it up, you can swiftly gather every sports data that you search from Google before. You don’t have to worry about overlapping games and missing out as API can extract lists of sports, leagues, and live sports data feeds worldwide. You can always be updated on different betting markets across all sports.

  1. Betting exchange API

You can use this to build your own customized betting tools, especially for peer-to-peer betting. One turn-key API that you can easily code is Betfair API. Aside from automating your betting, it also offers different functions to get data on your bets and read market information. Some of these are finding markets, checking your current bet details like unmatched bets, and getting your betting history and account statements.

Be a smarter bettor with the help of sports betting API. Create an account and get your welcome bonus at VOdds today!

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