Betting On the New EPL Season with Minimal Risks

Contrary to popular belief and opinion, football betting is a vast and expansive market. Often, punters are so focused on backing a particular team to win that they lose sight of other valuable markets. In times past, this could be attributed to the unavailability of data and statistics on corners, goal threats, and fouls. Since online betting companies came onto the football betting scene, more attention is being paid to the minute details that make football enjoyable.

As the most popular domestic football competition on the planet, the English Premier League leads the way in terms of data keeping and statistical analysis. The variance in playing style, drama, and all-or-nothing approach of EPL teams makes it an appealing market to punters. Instead of focusing on the usual win market, punters can bank on corners, yellow cards, and goals. While you are not always sure of a game’s outcome, attacking sides are bound to rack up shots, corners, and set piece opportunities against defensive teams.

However, it may be challenging to pick the proper ratio without experience or research. Like teams are paying more attention to these metrics by hiring sports scientists, a punter looking to profit from the EPL must be data-oriented. English league football is physically draining and tactically comprehensive attributes that make data collection and analysis fun. Stats like average fouls or corners per game, chances created, and conceded offer insightful tips into what betting market benefits each game.

As the 2021/22 EPL season begins, we look at some of the low-risk markets for punters seeking to monetize the Premier League’s entertaining football.


The most exciting part of Premier League football is the fantastic goals we see week in, week out. On average, the EPL teams score 2.72 goals per game – a statistic showing incredible attacking power. The lowest amount of goals scored by a single club in a premier league season is 20; while the lowest conceded is 15. This shows that you can bank on EPL teams to bang the goals in more often than not. 

This statistic is often reflected in a team’s xG (expected goals) rating and is usually calculated by shot conversion ratios. To take advantage of EPL goalscoring, all you need to do is consider the xG of the opposing sides. Teams with higher xG ratios aren’t only favorites to win the game but also offer an avenue for you to bet on the overs market. You can also use the xG inversely to determine what games are likely to be low-scoring encounters.


The corner kick market is a burgeoning aspect of football betting. In the past, most punters focused on the win and goals market. However, the corner kick market brings a higher reward for value. Like the goals market, the statistics considered here include how many shots/chances a team concedes (or creates) per game. Defensive teams that soak up a lot of pressure are likely to concede more corners, but the real gem is when two attacking sides face off.

End to end attacking football breeds many corner kicks, with the average match racking between eight to twenty corners. EPL punters have the opportunity to bet on total corners in a game, the number of corners to be won by either team, or which team wins the corner duel. The good thing about corners is that they aren’t directly related to the match results. For instance, the just-concluded North London derby between Arsenal and Chelsea featured 17 corners in total (9 for Arsenal and 89 for Chelsea) despite Chelsea winning 0 – 2.

Fouls and Cards

As an EPL fan, you are probably familiar with the saying “…on a cold, wet night at Stoke.” this saying best describes those games where the opposition’s defense is sturdy and harsh on the attacking team. Teams like Burnley usually employ an aggressive approach when defending against better competitors such as Man City. In such games, the likelihood of several yellow cards being issued is high.

Likewise, fouling is usually rampant to break up play and prevent a smooth flow of the opposition’s attack. The fouls and card betting markets are suitable alternatives that guarantee minimal risk and a flexible reward in these games. The available submarket includes the number of cards per team, number of cards in a match, overs/unders for team fouls, and which team wins the fouling contest.

While these betting markets are worthy alternatives, they are not available on all online bookmakers. Rather, punters have to take time out to discover which bookmaker is ideal for certain types of bets. Currently, 1xbet offers the most extensive football betting market, allowing punters to wager on shots on target by players, goalscorer, and throw-in markets. Other alternative markets include the 10 mins draw (useful in tough fixtures and derbies), VAR Check, and penalty betting markets.

Another sport that constantly offers low-risk and high reward betting markets is horse racing. As the foundation of sports betting worldwide, horse racing provides huge odds for punters brave enough to wager on gallops. When it comes to lóversenyfogadás, details such as length and type of the race (some horses are better at jumping hurdles while some are better at sprinting), the jockey, and previous performances are just some of the main statistics to follow. Horse racing isn’t available on all betting sites. As such, you’ll need to find a reliable bookmaker accepting horse racing bets in your country.


It is essential to note that the betting markets above do not guarantee success. As with all futuristic predictions on sports and human life, you win some and lose some. Sports betting are the same regardless of technique or strategy. The main idea is to ensure that your betting history is filled with more greens than losses. By employing statistical analysis in your betting picks, you are more likely to win consistently and reduce losses to a much lower margin.


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