Can I Bet From My Phone? Best Sports Betting App for 2021

Convenience is king. According to TopRank Marketing’s writer Caitlin Burgess, where friction exists, frustration exists. Irritated customers will always look for the path of least resistance. Thus, all businesses should strive to eliminate it, making brand interaction as simple as possible. In the mid-2000s, mobile gambling technology began to develop, laying the foundation for the ease of use we all take for granted today.

Mobile sports betting is now the preferred way of laying down wagers, and it is one of America’s new favorite pastimes. Thanks to sportsbooks mobile platforms, no one has to drive to a local kiosk anymore to test their sports knowledge/instincts with money on the line. All they have to do is tap their phone screen a few times, anywhere from any time.

Can You Make a Sports Bet Over the Phone?

Of course. As mentioned, this has been a possibility since 2006. In 2005, Jupiter Research predicted that the global market would reach $19.3 billion by 2009. In 2020, a report added to claimed that the overall sports betting industry had a value of $85 billion in 2019 and that bet in mobile was one of its main driving forces.

The sector should continue its upwards trajectory marking a compound growth rate of 10.1% per year until 2024. In 2020, New Jersey sportsbooks accepted over $6 billion in sports wagers, with over 90% of these coming via the internet.

Nowadays, most, if not all, digital sportsbooks are mobile-compatible. They offer seamless functionality via any smartphone or tablet, thanks to advancements in HTML5 technology.

The Apple store has allowed gambling apps for a while now, with a caveat. They must be native iOS ones and not HTML5 software in a native wrapper, which was a cheaper workaround that most operators utilized in the past. In January of 2021, Google Play changed its terms, allowing such dedicated software to get featured in their store in fifteen new countries, including the US. Previously, only users from the UK, Ireland, France, and Brazil had access to these kinds of applications.

Therefore, can I bet from my phone is now a rhetorical question, as nothing is stopping US sports fanatics from placing wagers through their smartphones.

What to Look For in a Sports Betting App

The number of online gambling operators grows each month. However, most companies that offer these kinds of services mimic each other in many areas. For example, they feature websites that are similar in design and provide similar promotions. That is due to there being only a handful of quality software providers that can supply market-ready solutions, as well as operators continuously trying to match each other deal-for-deal.

Thus, it can be hard to figure out what makes mobile software stand out from the pack. According to SBS, these are some of the most crucial aspects you should consider in any trusted sports betting app:

User interface – you have to make sure that your chosen app is easy to navigate. That it lets you quickly and intuitively move from section to section, hassle-free. There is nothing worse than trying to complete an action but getting caught up in a process that incorporates unnecessary steps that breed annoyance. 

Available markets – experienced bettors know that real value lies in diversification. Niche sports can offer excellent low-risk accumulator opportunities that can boost your bet slip win potential.

Banking options – breezy money transactions can make or break the gambling experience. Always search out an app that offers multiple payment methods and features low processing times and no associated fees.

Competitive lines – it is common sense that the better the odds are, the more you stand to profit. That is why you must partake in odds shopping. Locating a sportsbook that has competitive lines will give you an edge, so never install an app without first exploring its line offer.

Promotions – bonuses let you do free gambling. Who does not love that? Nevertheless, offers come with fine print. So, never fall for a generous welcome promo without first going through its terms and conditions. Beware of wagering requirements, and pay attention to eligible odds.

Security – when it comes to any monetary transaction via the internet, information safety is of paramount importance. High-end SSL encryption is a necessity. It ciphers the data you share with your chosen operator. Always look for apps that feature at least the 128-bit variety. Also, only use software from operators that have attained a license from a reputable regulatory body. 

Decent support – there are two things you should seek from a customer service representative, availability and quality. Today, 24/7 support is a must. You want to get in touch with someone on the operator’s end as soon as an issue appears, specifically if it involves deposits and withdrawals.

If a mobile sportsbook has all of the things listed above, as well as a proven track record, then you are likely in good hands.

Best Apps For Online Sports Betting

Since we covered what you should look for in dedicated betting software, we should go over what is the best app for sports betting? According to most veteran bettors, these are your two premium options:

888sports – 888 Holdings is one of the earliest pioneers in online gambling, established in 1997. They are one of the most trusted sites in history, and 888 Holdings has a brand in almost every gambling genre imaginable. You can find their software at both the Apple and Google Play Store, featuring a slick and easy-to-navigate interface. The app provides top odds and thousands of pre-match and in-play markets. It has a wager $10 bet $30 back deal for new users. Note that this is not a mobile-exclusive offer and that there are no live streams available on the 888 sports app.

Betway – Betway is a global brand that launched in 2006. It has gotten notoriety due to its sponsorship deals with several top football clubs, like West Ham United and Levante UD. Its app is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry users. Per most user reports, it is an incredibly stable piece of software that operates with little fuss. Live streaming is an option here, the app lets you use several reliable withdrawal methods, and you get access to terrific promotions such as accumulator insurances. A drawback is that the Betway customer support can be slow at times.

Final Thoughts

Can you make a sports bet over the phone? Yes. It is also not novel or niche but more or less the standard these days. Even lawmakers refer to placing bets on the internet on sporting events as mobile sports betting. 

So, this is not a trend, but reality. Gone are the times when bettors lined up in front of a window to test their luck and knowledge on sports. Now, everyone is doing it from the palm of their hands, as this hobby is more accessible than ever. Bettors demand convenience, and dedicated apps provide just that. They are expansive sportsbooks that fit in your shirt pocket.

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