Football Betting Myths that Needs to Be Busted

Betting on sports is as interesting and promising as any other gambling activity. However, there are also inherent risks associated with the domain, just like other forms of gambling. You could be an aced sports bettor, but predicting outcomes to the last letter is never entirely possible. All you could do is come up with an estimate or a ballpark number and place your bets according to that. Nevertheless, a successful sports bettor has tremendous opportunity to make steady money in this space. Along with the risks and opportunities that accompany sports betting, there are also several myths that one can find afloat about sports betting. And with this article, we intend to debunk those myths and get into the forefront the real deal. However, for the ease of discussion, we shall concentrate only on football betting and bust the myths related to the domain one at a time.

Match Predictions Are Always Perfect

Yes, match predictions are very important to keep an eye out for. It is important that you listen intently to what the experts have got to say before the match begins and during halftime. But, to put your blind faith in these discussions and analysis and not use your own judgement is inane. Match predictions are educated guesses after all, and they are subject to differences. They are not always appropriate, and you must not take these predictions at their face value while placing the bets.

Bookmakers Always Win

Here is another myth about football betting that many people believe to be true. Of course, bookmakers have a greater edge, and they have greater quite a high chance of winning. But that is not the gospel truth. Think of it this way. If bookmakers stood undefeated every time, why would anyone want to indulge in football betting? In order to increase your chances at winning at football betting, all you need to do is understand the basics well, be aware of the changing dynamics of football and learn whatever you can. Have faith because beating bookmakers is not an impossible task.

Statistics Speak the Absolute Truth

It is important to keep a note of all that is going on in the sport that you are betting on, which in this case is football. But statistics and trends are not everything. There are also several other factors that you need to take into consideration while placing your bets. Sure, it is a great thing to keep a weather-eye on trends and understand the stats. But, do not ignore the other factors that contribute to determining a successful bet placed on football. The betting odds, the form of players and the history of consecutive wins, as reported by US Gambling Sites, are some very crucial elements to factor in.

Data from Against the Spread is Appropriate

Against the Spread or ATS is an important vertical to predict the results on, but it cannot serve as the single most important factor in determining the result. In fact, some experts are even of the view that ATS holds no real predictive value at all. Therefore, even if you do not want to ignore the data from Against the Spread, do not make it the only basis on which you predict the results of football betting. This could do you more harm than good. ATS provides you with an insight into what transpired in the past and what might happen over the next few seasons, but it can never serve as the correct compass to football betting.

Buying Points Is Not the Right Thing to Do

Here is another unfounded statement that many people seem to believe in. Buying points is considered to confer a bad value on the betting schemes, and there is no greater myth than this one. Buying points might not be able to lend you amazing value, but it is also not something that you would want to swear off, because it simply does not make any sense.

Parlays Are for Losers

Why would parlays mean that you are a sore loser? It only means that you accept the situation, have come to terms with it and are now looking for means to make up for the losses. Parlays are the kind of wagers that you place while betting on football when you do not find any other better alternative. It is more of a damage reparation technique than betting for winning. However, there is no disgrace in opting for a parlay if it goes well with your strategy.


Football betting, like every other sport and gambling pursuits, has several myths about it. And if you are to ace this domain and emerge as a successful bettor at some point, you need to bust these myths and look for the truth. That is only how you can make the most out of football betting and find a strong footing in this space.

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