How to Bet on Premier League Top Scorer

At the beginning of a Premier League football season, the bookmakers will create a number of outright betting markets and that includes Top Goalscorer. This offers customers an opportunity to place bets on the players that they think will accumulate the most goals over the course of the season.

Unlike betting on the Premier League Winner market, there is a much wider range of options when it comes to Top Scorer. After all, there are a handful of players operating for each of the twenty clubs who have the potential to run into the frame and hit a scoring streak which will have them high in the standings.

In this article, we look at some simple tips that will help you place shrewder bets when it comes to the Premier League Top Scorer market.

Look at Previous Football Seasons 

The first port of call is to take a look back over the past few seasons. Players such as Mohamed Salah, Harry Kane and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have been featuring high on the scoring charts and it’s clear that history often repeats itself when it comes to this market. The Premier League is littered with fantastic strikers who have taken the division by storm.

Does Your Player Operate for One of the Best Teams?

It goes without saying that the best teams in the Premier League usually score the most goals. Therefore, it’s little surprise that players from Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City can often be found at the top end of the scoring charts. This is especially the case if the players are on spot kick duty as penalties can really bolster a goal tally for an individual forward.

Conversely, the leading clubs often exercise more rotation than other clubs, especially if they’re involved in the Champions League. City forward players often have their Premier League game time minimised due to the size of squad and European engagements, so that’s worth bearing in mind.

Consider an Each-Way Bet on Premier League Top Scorer

Several bookmakers offer customers the chance to place an each-way bet on Premier League top scorer, with this meaning you can bet on a player and potentially profit if they finish in the top four places. It’s nearly always the case that a big-priced player will run into the frame and it’s therefore worth looking beyond the obvious candidates.

Patrick Bamford and Son Heung-min were examples of this during the 2020-21 season when these players finished in joint-fourth, while Southampton’s Danny Ings was in the frame the season before and this is a market that you can monitor during the course of a season.

Place Top Scorer Bets During the Course of a Season

This is a Premier League outright betting market that stays open throughout the season. Therefore, you can monitor the prices and see if they fit in accordance with the number of goals that have been scored by each player. Bear in mind that injuries can often have a bearing on the market as a whole.  

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