How to bet on sports: expert advice for beginners

Some people think sports betting is an easy way to get rich. Unfortunately, most of them learn the truth the hard way. They make a series of unsuccessful bets, and they lose all their money.

If you want to become a profitable sports bettor, don’t rush it. Learn the ins and outs of sports betting. Learn how to analyze sports events, how to select bet types, odds, bonuses, and sportsbooks.

Choose top-rated betting sites in Nigeria if you want to bet safely. Top-rated sportsbooks also give you competitive odds, great bonuses, and promotions. That being said, below are tips to help improve your sports betting knowledge.

Tip One: Learn the Fundamentals

Don’t rush to bet as soon as you create an account. Learn the basics of sports betting. Learn important terminologies like odds, bookie, bonuses, betting handles, and totals.
As a new bettor, you should focus on learning how the industry works. Find out the difference between moneyline and handicap bets. Discover how you can use bonuses to boost your bankroll.

Crucially, find out how to analyze matches by looking at form, injury reports, power rankings, and motivation. If you can analyze a football game and win your bets, you’ll be more comfortable to wager for real money.

Tip Two: Choose a Sport and Be Good at It

No, we don’t need you to learn how to play hockey or basketball. Focus on knowing how a specific sport or league works. Learn how points are scored, the major players, teams, and officials.

Learn the history of different teams, their play styles, and records versus specific opponents. Know as much as you can about your favorite sport and leagues.

Then find ways to leverage your knowledge in sports betting. Maybe you know that Man City has a history of beating Leicester City by Over two goals. You can use this information to bet on OV1.5 goals when these two premier sides play.

Tip Three: Learn How to Choose Bets

You have a favorite sport. Let’s say you’re into football. You like to watch the EPL, Laliga, and the Champions League. Next, you need a formula for deciding how to wager your money.

Usually, most people bet on the most popular teams in Europe. This isn’t exactly a bad thing. But you need to look at more factors. Let’s assume you’re interested in betting on Chelsea versus Luton.

The Blues have been struggling, but you’re certain they could beat newly promoted Luton. The only problem is that the odds of backing Chelsea aren’t attractive.

Check if you can get better odds for backing betting on Chelsea to win the game both at half-time and full-time. In other words, choose bet types that promise you a decent potential profit.

Tip Four: Be Disciplined

Far too many people fail in sports betting because of indiscipline. Sometimes they analyze matches. Sometimes they follow their guts. Others spend too much money on sports betting.

Discipline means following a set of rules proven to make you profitable in the long term. It encompasses proper money management, sticking to a betting schedule, and avoiding emotions.

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