How to bet online on English Premier League 2021/22

Pandemic hit everything last year, and for sure you’ve experienced the impact too. All activities were postponed, including big sporting events like the English Premier League (EPL). The tournament was able to resume last June 2020 but it was only this year that live crowds were allowed to watch. But things are still restricted, like how your betting options are limited when most retail betting stores are unavailable.

Considering the situation, did you ever ask yourself if you can bet online? You are confined in your home with only gadgets and wifi to entertain yourself. Surely, online betting is the next best thing to do. And you can start betting online using sports betting sites, which as a side note, have existed since 1996. Unlike brick-and-mortar sportsbooks stores, you can use sports trading software or online betting sites to bet anywhere and anytime. Most of them are mobile-friendly or have mobile apps too.

Even without the pandemic, the online sports betting industry has been on the rise. Plus it fared and shined better compared to its traditional betting counterpart. Don’t you prefer convenient and fast services? If you are already betting in person before, we think it is smarter to start betting online now if you haven’t yet.

Betting on pandemic-ridden EPL

We know, it’s confusing where to start. The first thing you must do is choose your betting tool. Do you want to bet on a website or through an app? Do you want live streaming capabilities? Are you interested in Asian handicap betting and the Asian handicap market? Think of what you need to have a safe and fun online betting journey. You can consider these five services:

  • Support football and other sports you are interested in.
  • Have real-time odds and high betting limits.
  • Won’t put restrictions on your account.
  • Have reliable payment methods and fast withdrawal.
  • Support various betting types.

If you’re planning to use multiple bookies, it would be more efficient to use sports traders such as Asian handicap aggregator sites. You don’t need to create different direct Asian betting accounts and you can place complete transactions for various Asian bookmakers directly from the platform.

The next thing you should do is sign up. You can schedule creating an account during popular tournaments so you have a welcome bonus for sure. These offers happen many times throughout the year, so you can also consider this in choosing your tool. Luckily, the EPL 2021/22 is here and VOdds, an all-in-one aggregation platform, offers you up to 200£/€ sign-up bonus. You can sign up with VOdds today and claim it until November 14, 2021 (Sunday).


Lastly, you need to determine how much money you will bet. One rule of thumb is to bet only the amount you can afford to lose, especially if you are just starting out. To get the feel of betting online, you can start by placing the same amount on every bet. Set aside a fixed amount every month and only use up to 5% of it. You can avoid losing all your capital in one bad bet as well as collect small yet consistent earnings this way.

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