How to filter unpredictable games and leave them aside

In 12 years of betting experience, I’ve learned about betting and i have used many systems and combinations, but one of the most important thing was how to minimise the intervention of luck in my bets by being careful with selected games.

For all of us, betting is not so easy, but we can try to maximise our profit by leaving aside unpredictable games. These games can have any result at the end of the match.

The first games that I don’t like are derbies. I think it’s a mistake to bet for final result, at the most you can try to bet “both to score”, “draw half time or full time” and “at least one red card in the game”, but the best thing is not to bet on these games.

Examples of derby games;

  • Atl. Madrid – FC Barcelona
  • Chelsea – Man. United
  • Lazio – AS Roma
  • Dinamo B. – FCSB
  • Red Star – Partizan B
  • etc.

The second games are friendly matches. Here it is possible to see how a small team can win with a top team because they don’t have enough motivation and they want to test new players.

The third games I like to avoid are from Cups (League Cup, King Cup, Coupe de la Ligue etc). Here it is another chance for coaches to see new players and to put reserves at hard work.

Other games I don’t like are in the beginning and the end of the season. In the beginning of the season, the teams aren’t 100% fit and in the end of the season teams can be tired, can play without any motivation or can make some arrangements with each other. Here you can be with “must win” games.

Last but not least is about balanced championships like France Ligue 2, Austria Bundesliga, Poland Extraklasa, Romania Liga 1 etc. Here it is not impossible to predict final results but i think it’s harder than other leagues. If you have enough time to watch balanced championships, read and study all updates about the teams, injured players, playing style etc, you are my guest to make some good money because the odds are very good for these games.

Speaking of odds, bookmakers can try to mislead us with hidden odds, for ex: right odd for home win is 1.9 and they can change very easy in 1.45. Is true and vice versa.

All that being said I wish you to have very little need of good luck, and don’t forget, hard work pays off!

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