How to win at sports betting?

Every day, thousands of punters try their luck with sports betting. While the prospect of winning may encourage you to bet without restraint, not everyone can boast about knowing the little tricks to increase their chances. If winnings are not guaranteed with every game, there are some practical methods that will help you maximize your success rate.

Targeted bets, more and more popular

It is not uncommon to bet on several disciplines in the hope of winning at least one. Betting on sports you don’t know about will not be profitable: not only do you have every chance of making a mistake in your analysis, but you will also lose money by betting on the wrong references. Several criteria must be taken into account: if the odds offer you precious indications, basing all your forecasts on these alone will not be realistic.

The bookmakers’ estimates will not be the most credible elements to make bets. Consulting a reliable prognostic site will be more useful for you to base your analyses. Unlike traditional bookies methods, this type of platform will only determine its ranking based on statistical factors. Human capital, the external factors that can influence results, will also have to be taken into account. Therefore, to win your sports bets, it is essential to focus only on disciplines and teams on which you will find the right information.

Not all participants are equal, and the conditions under which events take place will influence the results. Specialized sites, opinions from sports commentators who know the topics, magazines following a team’s performance, fan forums and some blogs will give you all the information you need. Choosing well is a matter of both instinct and logical analysis of the data you can find.

Leave yourself a safety margin

While we recommend betting on solid values, we also recognize that luck cannot always be on the side of the same teams. Betting constantly on the same players is not realistic: unlike machines or algorithms that will offer you guaranteed results in the face of several possibilities, players on the field remain humans. Hoping to see the same results across all their competitions is risky behaviour. The teams are only stakeholders who will be subject to various risks during the games.

The right combination is to identify five teams that are particularly successful in their discipline. This list will allow you to vary your bets and not limit yourself to a result that limits your winnings. The method is based on a logical estimation of each team’s chances, as well as the constraints that each team may face. By betting successively on each of them, you will not get stuck when one of them is not at the best of its abilities.

Teams with regular wins in their composition will be the ones that will need your attention. The same is true for players who still have to prove their performance to the general public: if you believe in his/her potential, wait to see if his/her ratio of wins and losses is satisfactory to justify betting. Otherwise, it will be even wiser to bet your money on personalities with better gambling histories.

The streak of victories, the secret of significant gains

When “luck” is on the side of a player or team, it might succeed victory after victory until the streak suddenly ends. This is a truth that will be observed in all disciplines, regardless of the level of play you are betting on. However, predicting a series of victories is not within everyone’s reach: knowing when to bet and when to stop betting money requires as much expertise as flair. Once again, the team’s statistics, its performance since the beginning of the competition, the quality of its game and its determination against its opponents will weigh heavily.

Teams and players used to the field, with consistent performance and no particular problems are likely to be included in winning bets. A streak of victories is therefore possible, with generally 5 to 6 games won before the odds turn. If the figures remain indicative, the estimation of a streak of victories will also depend on the level of the opponents. The best way to bet on a series of wins is still the second game won: there is still a strong chance that your team will win 3 to 4 more games.

Statistics are not necessarily your friends

For any sports bettor, statistics are considered the first allies to win bets. In reality, these figures will only be indicative and will not take into account all the factors that may impact match results. The information they provide does not reflect what you should expect. Based on past trends and figures, sports statistics will only tell you about the potential of a team whose performance has changed since then.

It is not a question of hiding the calculations or ignoring the right information that could be useful to you. Consulting statistics should not be your only argument for betting on one or two teams. However, they will tell you their level of performance and what you can expect in certain circumstances. The elements to remember in statistics will give you a more or less accurate idea of what teams can offer. They will also inform you about their strengths and weaknesses, both away and at home.

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