Is football not an art?

People have different opinions about football. Some consider the game a part of their life, some hate it. And there are those who are not particularly interested in football, who do not feel any emotion for it because it is nothing, just meaningless bouncing around on the pitch. It is better to spend your time on real art, like cinema, music, and painting. Today we will try to dispel the myth that football is just 22 sweaty men, running around aimlessly on the pitch. (I should point out that everything said in the text applies to any sport.). You can find similar articles on various topics such as the most trusted casino online and more by following this link.

Some comparisons.

“What is art? – In a general sense, it is creativity, a way of self-realization of man by using artistic images.”

Football is also creativity, aimed at the self-realization of a player, coach, etc. Both the player and the coach create their artistic image. One by tactical instructions, the other by touching the ball.

“The subject matter of art is the world and the relationships between people in the world.”

The world of football is as vast and multifaceted as the world as a whole. Think of it as an infinite multitude within another infinite multitude. And the very essence of sports involves the interpersonal relationships that arise during sporting activities.

“The purpose of art is twofold: for the creator, it is artistic expression, for the spectator, it is the enjoyment of beauty.”

The obvious similarity in this aspect is clear even to those who are not particularly familiar with football. The spectator enjoys the action during a match, watching a beautiful and dynamic game. And the football team tries to create that very beauty on the pitch with their actions. Passing culture, kicking technique, goalkeeper’s reflexes, and many other things epitomize the aesthetics of football. And an uninteresting match is like an uninteresting creator, it is difficult to enjoy such creativity.

“To say that all these people pay their shillings to watch 22 mercenaries kick a ball is like saying that a violin is wood and strings and Hamlet is paper and ink.”

John Boynton Priestley

On the functions of art

  • Forms aesthetic taste.

From childhood, fans watch football and form their taste by observing different approaches to the game. Some like Guardiola’s football, and some like Mourinho’s.

  • It has an impact on society.

Football brings people together, creating fan bases. Promotes things like struggle, self-belief, team spirit, etc. Many football players take advantage of their fortune to do charity work.

Allows you to “escape” from the drab daily routine for a while.

Came home from work tired and not feeling well. And here’s your favourite team’s match on TV. You get some fish and chips and sit down to watch the football game on a high.

  • Makes a man feel good.

Comparable to the previous function. This very escape from drabness implies a person moving on to something else that brings pleasure. In this case, it is a football match.

  • It allows one to cognize reality and analyze it.

There is such a science as psychology. It cognizes reality. For football, this science is an integral part. All sport is built on the psychology of the individual and/or social group. Watching a match, you are essentially learning the psychology of this or that member of the team.

  • It helps shape a person’s personality.

People often say, “I grew up on the Harry Potter films, they influenced me a lot”. Likewise, “We grew up watching Andrea Pirlo and Gianluigi Buffon, which has had a huge impact on us both in terms of football and our personality.

Let’s move on to conclusions

Perhaps, for some, we have trespassed on the sacred, comparing some football to art. But our team is convinced that football has a lot in common with art. Of course, there are some differences that may cast doubt on the original thesis. But that’s great! We cannot say unequivocally that football is art, as we always question our own judgement and that of others. However, this article has definitely shown that if football is not art in the conventional sense, it’s very close to it.

Most importantly, football is as good as it gets. I wanted to prove that you can watch a football match just as you can listen to your favourite music, go to the cinema or play. If you chose a cinema session over watching a match of a team close to your heart, it doesn’t mean you’re not stupid, that you don’t want to evolve and waste your life on sweaty men in shorts. Football is cool entertainment with its own degree of usefulness.

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