Is football played 365 days of the year?

Football is the most popular sport on the planet. It is played and watched by more people across the globe than any other pastime.

Audience figures for the most prestigious of events can stretch into several billion, while you will not have to walk far outside of your front door in order to find somebody kicking a ball around – be that on the street or in a local park – as they seek to emulate the efforts of their professional heroes.

That is the universal appeal of the game – you don’t even need a proper ball in order to play, just something that can be considered slightly spherical. No goals are required. No field. Just the desire to kick anything around.


When it comes to spectating, the options are bountiful. From Athens to Amsterdam via Zagreb and Zanzibar, betting for football tonight odds have every base covered all day, every day. Those looking for football betting tips have a wealth of statistics, opinions and punditry available at the click of a button or swipe of a screen.

Knowledge can be put to the test in the morning, afternoon and evening, with there always something going on somewhere in the world. Whether you are looking to back a hunch or merely take in a few minutes of action in order to escape everyday life, football is everywhere.

In the modern era – with no destination out of reach, regardless of how far-flung it may appear – fans can keep up to date with contests a long way from home without having to ever leave said abode.
Football is everywhere, to the point that it is possible to find fixtures taking place throughout the calendar year. If you really wanted to, with streaming services more accessible than ever, the opportunities are out there to watch live action every single day.

Monday Night Football, Friday Night Football, a couple of games on a Saturday that are followed by Super Sunday, television listings are packed with fixtures – and that is narrowing focus purely on the battle for Premier League supremacy that has defending champions Manchester City priced at 8/13 for another title triumph in 2023-24.

There is continental action from the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference to add to the pot, along with midweek domestic fixtures, various cup competitions from around the world, as well as international competitions of the friendly, qualification and tournament variety.


Some divisions, such as the American MLS, run from spring through to autumn – breaking the mould of schedules in Europe – while countries that experience particularly harsh winters take advantage of a slight thawing of conditions to play over the summer.

Maybe you have taken a shine to the Finnish top flight or a badge/kit from the Argentinian Second Division. Perhaps a former fan favourite is now plying their trade in the Middle East or headed off to Australia, or maybe you have spotted a player/team on a gaming simulation that you feel obliged to follow in real life.

Whatever the reason, and no matter the destination or time zone, a feast of football is on offer 365 days a year.

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