La Liga Is Back

June 11th saw the return of the worlds best La Liga players making their way back to the pitch to continue their post lockdown campaign to become La Liga champions. At this stage in the season, every position in the table is so close together that a single game could change the way that the championship table looks week after week. To help you stay up to date, we researched everything that you need to know ahead of the next week of matches.

The Return To La Liga In Unprecedented Times

Since the league standing was placed on hold in the early part of 2020 football fans around the world have been waiting for the return of La Liga fixtures in 2020 and the wait is finally over. With the return of the action has come new ways of playing with drinks breaks as well as regular checks to ensure the safety of the players at every point in the game.

The La Liga Title Race

With 15 out of 16 titles won between the top two positions, the dominance of both teams over the course of the La Liga matches is what you would come to expect from the experienced team. However, with a total of 3 points between Real Madrid and Barcelona, the fight for the championship is more pressing than ever before. With the La Liga betting odds for Real Madrid to win the league currently sitting at 4/6 at this time they are fan favourites to win La Liga this year. However, it is still all to play for.

Another contributing factor to the performance of these top two teams in the qualification for the champions league process. Competing in numerous competitions at once can cause deep strain on the team as each of the games across both leagues is being played in quick succession. In turn, it could have a huge impact on their domestic pursuits as we head deeper into the league at this time.

European Qualification Opportunities

With a number of the La Liga teams hoping for a slot in the champions league this has somewhat levelled the playing field for all the teams involved. With a pair of slots remaining for the next champions league season, the race to qualify is just as important to these teams as the La Liga title themselves.

Though Real Madrid and Barcelona found themselves at the front of the qualifying pack last season, it is important to note that they are at the back of the qualifying pack for the next season behind the likes of Real Sociedad, Getafe and Sevilla. It is important to note that Sociedad is one of the only teams looking to qualify for the champions league that is not currently in contention for the champions league process. This is certainly strengthening their fight for a qualification spot at this time as the team is running on fresh legs when compared to others that are competing in numerous competitions during this unprecedented time.

The Survival Of The Bottom Three

In addition to the top end of the table, it is crucial not to forget about the bottom three. With the gap between 20th and 17th only six points it is still all to play for in 2020. With teams fighting for survival in the remaining few games, several games need to be played to remain in contention for next season. With Mallorca, Leganes and Espanyol all fighting for survival, games such as Espanyol vs Leganes on July 4th as well as Espanyol vs Celta Vigo on July 18th are just a few of the games that you should be watching in 2020.

As the La Liga series continues, we are set to see the top ten positions fluctuate over the coming weeks that could see Real Madrid lose their title to Barcelona as the season continues. With both sides housing some of the world’s best players such as Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, it really is all for the taking at the current stage of the league.

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