Listen Up Punters! These Are the Sports Betting Fouls To Avoid At All Costs

As football season kicks off in full swing, sports betting is also gaining traction with several fans diving right into the world of sports betting. Like any other type of gambling, sports betting will generally include highs and lows, which sometimes can turn an ordinary match into the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime. However, if you’re planning on repeating this exercise more than once, then there are a couple of things you’re going to want to keep in mind in order to minimize your financial risk next time you’re in the mood to gamble.

#1. Not Researching the Provider You’ve Signed Up With

This one’s at the top of the list for a reason: it sets the entire tone of your online betting journey. Choosing a sportsbook (or online casino offering sports betting services) without a second thought is one of the worst mistakes to make. In this case, reading up on reviews goes a long way. But you need to be selective about the reviews you’re choosing too. Make no mistake, not all reviews are unbiased. A well-written review, like this BetPlays Casino Review, is one that’s exhaustive, honest and lists all the pros and cons.

#2. Inconsistent Bankroll Management

Before you even consider placing a bet of any sort, you’re going to want to make sure you’re on top of your spending. Not managing your bankroll appropriately is a slippery slope which could potentially end your journey before it’s even started.

For this reason, you’re going to want to set a couple of rules in place for yourself from the get-go. Just like a household budget, where perhaps you’re known for setting a couple of bucks aside for a particular reason, bankroll management will allow you to stay on track throughout your gambling journey. The first golden rule here is never bet anything you can’t afford to lose – once you’ve established the amount you’re comfortable with letting go, then you’ll be able to set the funds aside without impacting your overall financial situation.

#3. Chasing Losses

If you speak to anyone who’s ever placed a sports wager before, the first piece of advice they’ll probably mention is the fact that losing streaks are in fact a real thing. Now, whenever this happens, one of the most common responses is to spiral off in a desperate attempt to recoup those funds – and that’s precisely where things generally tend to get worse.

If your losses happen to pile up, the best option here is usually to call it a day, take some time off to chill out, and place a bet on another day when you’re feeling less passionate about the situation. Think about it in terms of enjoying a beer while watching the game, while it’s usually a good idea that will enhance the experience, you never want to reach a point where you’re unable to enjoy sports without it.

#4. Being Too Loyal

Even though you’ve probably supported the same team ever since you were a child, and you’re also known to maneuver your weekend plans around their fixtures, team loyalty doesn’t mean that you’ve got to bet on that specific team each time. Even the best teams in the world go through a dry spell at some point throughout the season, especially when it comes to lower-level teams.

If your favorite team is currently on a losing streak, even though your heart might be suggesting that there are better times are ahead, your head should be the one to remind you that there’s no need to back your hope up financially. When it comes to sports betting, you’re always going to ensure you take logical, calculated risks rather than being passionate or overly emotional in this situation.

#5. Betting On Too Many Sports

Another common mistake we’ve seen is whenever people start to follow different sports and suddenly feel like they’ve become experts across the board. Apart from the general misinformation most of the time, another side effect here is that there’s a chance your betting slip ends making absolutely no sense by the end of it. While it’s fine to be interested in various sports, when it comes to sports gambling its generally advisable to pick the one you enjoy the most and focus on that. This will allow you to get to know and understand the betting options available for that sport, while giving you enough time to put in some decent research before making a commitment.

#6. Being Flimsy with The Research

Because we haven’t been gifted with a crystal ball, taking the time to do the research is really important if you’re looking into getting into sports betting – otherwise you’re probably better off putting your money somewhere else.

Apart from allowing you to look at projections, your research should also include any player updates including injuries, past matchups, weather forecasts and so on – all variable elements that could change the course of action any moment. For this reason, it’s easier to narrow down your interests in terms of sports, which allows you to go deeper into your research at a more focused level.

#7. Having The Wrong Mindset

There have been cases where bettors have been known to approach the entire concept of sports gambling with the wrong frame of mind. It’s easy to be tempted by the idea of turning your passion and detailed knowledge into a part time job, but because the entire concept of sports betting revolves around treating it as a hobby, this frame of mind is a recipe for disaster.

Like any other gambling game there will be times where you will win, and others where you won’t and it’s important to be prepared for both scenarios. If it just happens not to be your day, think of it as a learning opportunity to help you grow as a sports bettor, and tomorrow is another day.

#8. Underestimating The Use of a Betting Strategy

And lastly, as you might have grasped by now, placing a sports wager isn’t a matter of clicking on something random and hoping for the best, it requires a sense of strategy in order to have a good chance at being successful.

Before placing a sports bet, you need to be fully aware of what markets are trending and which aren’t, when’s the best time to place a wager or not, whether you’re going to go down the single bet or accumulator betting routes, or perhaps whether an in-play or pre-match bet is more suitable in that situation. All of these factors, along with several others, could seriously impact your chances of predicting a successful bet. Take the time to really find out what matters and develop your own way of doing things before rushing to place a bet, it could really make all the difference.

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