Little-known things about Pickles – the dog saved world football

Few people know that at the time of the 1966 World Cup, there was a dog named Pickles that was considered a hero when saving the reputation of England before an unprecedented scandal in world football history.

It is not too strange for the image of a dog to suddenly run out to the field and play football, even when the match is still ongoing. For example, in the round 16 match of the Brazilian Football Championship, a dog suddenly ran out during the match between CSA and Cruzeiro at Estadio Rei Pele.

Football is a place where anything is possible. Don’t miss the matches at And now, scroll and read to know about Pickles

England had a headache by burglary

Black and white photo of a dog (pickles) being held by his owner

Pickles and his owner/ Source:

Bobby Moore, before he died in 1993 at the age of 51, once shared, his life is a series of exciting things. He is the symbol of English football: the Three Lions captain lifted the 1996 World Cup. It is also the only title that England – home football, won.

The exciting life Moore mentioned could have gone in a different direction, if not for historical figures: Pickles. Pickles was not an England player, neither was he an official or someone who influenced the Three Lions’ historic victory at the 1966 World Cup. Pickles was merely a dog, with his feat recorded in the ball history: British football and world football. If possible, it would be regrettable to give the title of Knight to Pickles.

The story begins at noon on March 20, 1966, meaning the second day on display in Westminster, the Jules Rimet Cup was stolen. The Football Association of England (FA) insists they protect the Gold Cup very strictly. There were always bodyguards on duty 24/7, using the most advanced security equipment at the time. Yet the Cup still turned negative. Two witnesses identified the suspect entirely differently. The police have no data to investigate.

Joe Mears, president of Chelsea and FA head since 1963, went crazy when it happened. Mears was a British historical figure who had secured the base of Prime Minister Winston Churchill during World War II. He could not accept the subjugation of his subordinates, doing business in a reprimand that made the Jules Rimet Cup stolen.

All theories about how the thief broke in were rejected. Later, Dr Martin Atherton uncovered in his famous book “The Jules Rimet Cup Steal”: “The statement of security is fabricated. The entire staff is amateur. Some people were even 74 years old”.

1966 World Cup threatened. The whole of England was also worried because this incident made them humiliate the world.

During the investigation, the police received only one piece of information, when the thief asked President Mears to pay £15,000 of the ransom. Police advised Mears to pretend to agree, and a secret police officer met the thief – a veteran named Edward Betchley.

Betchley was captured, but the most important thing – the Jules Rimet Cup, was still missing. Earlier, the FA had secretly asked an artist to make a copy of the Cup. In the five general elections, the UK was only interested in finding the treasure of world football.

Pickles rescued England

On the evening of March 27, 1966, Dave Corbett took a routine walk, and he did not think the fateful moment would come. The fate of him, the dog Pickles, FA, World Cup 1966 and England.

Black and white photo of pickles the dog standing between two people, one person is holding a cheque in front of the dog

Pickles the hero/ Source:

Dave wants to go across the street to make a phone call. But Pickles pulled him into the old fence of the neighbours. Pickles repeatedly barked, while the owner tried to pull him away from the wall. Unable to stop the dog, Corbett came to the wall and discovered a package wrapped in newspapers.

“Pickles was constantly going around my neighbour’s car. Then I saw a tightly bundled package wrapped in a newspaper. I tore a bit of the package and I could see words like Brazil, West Germany, etc, engraved on it, along with a blank shield. As I kept tearing, I saw the lady. I had seen so many photos of the World Cup that I immediately recognised it. My heart started pounding.”

Corbett brings the package to the police. He said, “I think I have found the World Cup.” He became the No. 1 suspect, although the thief had previously been arrested. Scotland Yard sent a senior detective to interrogate Dave for an hour.

Eventually, Corbett was found innocent and recognised as the one who found the Jules Rimet Cup. He, and in particular Pickles, became the protagonist of world media. Pickles was later awarded several national awards in the UK, being inspired for film, invited to many countries around the world.

It’s been more than 50 years since England was crowned at the World Cup. The story of the Pickles dog has been told a lot, but there is still another secret that has been hidden for decades after that.

Fearing a similar theft could occur, the FA secretly produced a copy of the trophy to celebrate after the final. A goldsmith created the copper replica of the Jules Rimet trophy in Birmingham. A young policeman named Peter Weston, then only 21 years old, was tasked with replacing the real prize with a replica trophy as soon as possible after the Queen of England handed the victory symbol to his champion team.

Corbett earned more than £5,000 by finding the Cup. Meanwhile, Pickles was in contact with the England players, kissing the Golden Cup when the Three Lions defeated 4-2 in the final. But the glory did not last long, when Pickles died in 1967, due to an accident chasing the cat.

Pickles has saved English homeowners and world football “a goal lost” and the name of this dog has been saved in history.

By 1983, the Jules Rimet Cup was lost in Brazil. At that time, Selecao won the right to hold the Jules Rimet Gold Cup permanently, after Pele and his third teammate won the World Cup in Mexico 1970 before.

The Pickles were buried outside the home in Lingfield, Surrey, where its owner Dave Corbett bought it for a £3,000 reward for recovering the Jules Rimet trophy.

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