Matched Betting v Punting

We all want to make a profit on our bets which raises the question, why do we punt our bets when we can make a profit matched betting?

If you haven’t heard of matched betting or unsure of exactly how it works, I’ll explain it a little.

Matched betting is the process of extracting a profit from free bets and bonuses given by bookmakers. Bookmakers run promotions every day and with a little bit of clever maths, it is possible to extract a profit from these offers by covering all outcomes. are one of the leading matched betting service which provides all the necessary tools and guides to help you profit from matched betting.

Let’s say you are given a £10 free bet by a bookmaker. The average punter would use this free bet on a football match or a horse race and hope that it wins. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t. Overall though, the bookmaker has a slight edge on the odds and will ultimately come out on top over time.

However, if you used your £10 free bet to matched bet, you should make a profit of around £8 no matter what the outcome of the event you’re betting on.

So, when there is a profit to be made with matched betting, why do some of us choose to gamble with a punt?

Pros of Matched Betting

The main advantage of matched betting is that you can make a profit from the free bets and promotions given by bookmakers every time. The sign up offers given by bookmakers to new customers are by far the most profitable matched betting offers. With so many bookmakers about, an individual starting from scratch could make anywhere in the region of £600-£1,000 profit with these offers. Some people give up matched betting once they have worked their way through all of the bookmakers sign up offers but there are numerous reload offers available daily from which you can make a profit in excess of £500 a month quite easily.

How many of us make £500+ a month on a regular basis when punting our bets?

Another advantage of matched betting is the security. £500 a month on a regular basis is a nice little side income for anyone which can subsidise your day-to-day spending. Matched betting can help with things like, car payments, mortgage payments, holidays, birthdays & Christmas or saving for the future. Knowing how much profit you will make before a game has even kicked off eliminates the risk and allows you to plan your finances better.

Pros of Punting

Most of us who bet on sports do so because we enjoy it. Yes, we all want our bets to win to return a profit but there is excitement in punting bets and a sense of satisfaction when they come in. This is something that is missing from matched betting as you know your returns before the game has started.

The returns are also much higher when you punt a bet that wins. As you’re not covering all outcomes as you do with matched betting, the given odds are higher and therefore so are your returns.

So the question is, do you want to take the risk and make a higher profit when your bets come in or make a smaller profit consistently?

Another option is to do both.

There’s no reason why you can’t matched bet to earn yourself a regular side income from betting and also have a flutter on the side. In fact, punting and matched betting together has it’s advantages.

It’s no secret that bookmakers do not like customers matched betting as they take value away from the bookmaker and give it to the customer. One of the best ways to keep your matched betting practices under the radar of the bookmakers is by ‘mug betting’. Mug betting is simply placing bets where no bookmaker offers are used in order to look like a regular punter. Usually matched bettors lay these bets off to minimise any losses but if you are going to punt your bets anyway, then it may be a good idea to also do some matched betting alongside to bring in a regular profit.

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