One more reason to use multiple bookies

We have always suggested that you should consider using more than one bookie for your betting. When it comes to football betting many offer completely different odds for the same outcome. It also pays to not be locked into just one bookies in case they end up changing their policies in a way you don’t agree with.

I was chatting to someone today and something they said made me realise there is one more reason why it makes sense to use multiple bookies.

I just bet on football, as I’m sure many of you do. But this person bets on multiple sports and they pointed out that whilst some bookies give really good odds when it comes to football, their horse race odds are terrible.

The features also vary depending on the bookmaker. It seems like lots of them specialise to the detriment of the other sports on their roster.

Being that I just bet on football this never really entered my frame of mind, but then I know plenty of tipster services (like Sports Betting Stars) who tip on multiple sports, so it makes sense that people that use those services would want to bet on multiple sports.

I started testing Bet365 to see how they handle trying to bet on multiple sports at the same time and they seem to do a pretty good job (although I can’t vouch for the odds!). So I guess one thing you’d miss if you used multiple bookies would be the chance to place multiple bets at the same time.

Quick example of being able to bet on multiple sports with the same ticket in Bet365


This all got me thinking about tipsters who tip multiple sports. Do you think you can be the best football tipster if you also tip on multiple sports? I know the amount of effort that Ian puts into his football tips, I can’t imagine too many people can put that level of effort into several sports.

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