Rivalries in Europe

Sometimes beating your main rival in a game where the outcome doesn’t really matter can mean more to you than beating another team in a game were the outcome is crucial.

Football is full of amazing rivalries and today we’re going to cover the top 5 European football rivalries.

Picking a top 5 isn’t easy, whilst doing research for this we came upon a very large list.

These top 5 aren’t in any order, but do let us know your thoughts at the end of this article

Real Madrid vs Barcelona

Known as El Clasico, this match is huge. Both teams include some of the sport’s best players and the hatred between the two teams is fierce.

Liverpool vs Manchester United

A lot of these rivalries take place in the same town, so you’d maybe expect me to mention Liverpool vs Everton or United vs City. The fact is the hatred these teams show to their city siblings is nothing like the hatred shown towards each other.

Olympiacos vs Panathinaikos

I’ve heard this match being referred to as the derby of eternal enemies. Which pretty much sums up the feelings both of these teams have towards each other.

Rangers vs Celtic

Having grown up in Northern Ireland I can attest to the sectarian hatred that fuels the rivalry between these two teams. Even though Rangers aren’t the team they used to be, any old firm match is going to be huge.

Roma vs Lazio

Both these teams hail from Italy’s capital. Italian football is chock full of passion but I don’t think many would dispute that tensions are at their highest when Roma are taking on Lazio.

Betting during derby games

Of course you can always check our thoughts and tips to see if any particular game is worth betting on, but as a general rule of thumb I’d say a lot of the time previous form goes out the window and passion often dictates the outcome.

You can often expect lots of cards and fowls.

If you’re placing a bet, good luck but you might be better with an online casino during these games!

Who is your favourite rivalry?

Who have we missed? Let us know in the comments

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