Sports Betting vs eSports Betting

If you are watching a sports event and want to take a little risk and earn some money, that is exactly what sports betting is. Sports betting goes way back from the time of the ancient Romans. Back then they gambled on animal fights, chariot races, and gladiators competing against each other. A hundred years after the Romanians brought gambling and sports to Europe, during the seventeenth and sixteenth century, gambling for sporting events like wrestling, cockfighting, footraces, etc. became popular. During the eighteenth century, boxing and horse racing flourished. Fast forward to today, sporting events grouped by teams like in cricket, football, basketball, etc. became the favourites.

Besides the entertainment many punters get from watching their favourite leagues, earning extra profit from it does not sound so bad either. Every year, the most awaited league is NBA Season for basketball and UEFA Championship for football. But besides the UEFA championship, Premier League, La Liga, and FIFA World Cup are widely known leagues too. The most prestigious one would be the FIFA World Cup. This soccer sporting event only happens every four years and invites 32 national teams from different origins, race, background and culture. The average number of fans that come to watch the live game at the stadium is about 5 million people, now that takes a lot of planning in terms of infrastructure and construction. Last 2018, France took home the trophy with a 4-2 score against Croatia. 

The growth of the sports betting market in the past few years has been massive and because of this, many sports betting platforms emerged too. As football has become the most well-loved sport to watch and bet on, football betting brokers like VOdds focused on providing services for the football marketplace. Other than that, many sports aggregators offer weekly bonuses and promotions to new and existing users thus giving the user a chance for free extra cash. 

So, if you are looking to bet on your favourite sport, do not hesitate to do so, because there are many easy tips and tricks you can find around the internet that are available at your fingertips. 

What is Esports Betting?

Over the years, electronic sports betting, or in simple terms, esports betting has attained large popularity among punters. The global market revenue of the esports industry this year 2021 is 1.08 billion worth and is set to rapidly grow to 1.62 billion worth in 2024. In the next few years, sponsors, broadcasters, and gamers will surely gain revenue opportunities. 

Esports is basically a competition between professional gamers that play as an avatar and strive to win tournament games. The biggest esports games include Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, League of Legends, StarCraft II, etc. One competitive game that thousands of game spectators like to watch is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This game was developed by Valve Corporation partnered with Hidden Path Entertainment. It was released last 2012 and falls into the online tactical shooter esports genre. This one is a first-shooter game and revolves around two teams, which are the counter-terrorist and terrorists. The end goal of the game is to basically save the kidnapped hostages and diffuse the bomb planted by the terrorist. At the end of every noteworthy tournament, money is awarded to the top players. Most known top players for CS: GO are Nicolai Reedtz, Andreas Højsleth and Peter Rasmussen.

If you compare it to sports betting, esports betting has no off-season. And because of this, there is an advantage on the volume of bets you want to place. Whenever you feel like betting there are always available tournaments to wager on. Some experienced punters even wager on multiple bets. Multiple bets are a single bet consisting of three or more selections of bets. And if you use a reputable esports betting platform, most of them recommend odds that will give you a higher chance of winning. Esports betting is pretty straightforward too, you do not have to understand a lengthy guide just to be able to bet efficiently. 

It is forecasted that the worldwide audience of esports betting is set to reach 250 million people. With the launch of new games every year and the constant advancement of video gaming consoles, this trend is set to thrive more in the coming years.  


These two niches similarly provide entertainment and have the opportunity to earn profit. The only main difference between the two betting industries is their impressive range of video games and sports to bet on. Nonetheless, whichever type of betting you pick, make sure the money you use for your next wager fits your bankroll. 

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