Sponsored Posts

The Footy Tipster has been offering sponsored posts to a select number of companies for a long time.

Oftentimes we are approached by someone who thinks that their content would be a good fit for our readers, but occasionally we will be contacted with a more generic advertising enquiry and when I suggest sponsored posts as a potential avenue folk have some questions. I wanted to address some of the more common questions we receive in this short article.

What are Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is an article written by you which we will share on our blog, it will sit along with all our other blog content and be treated as any other bit of content would get treated on our site.

Sponsored Posts often contain links and sales information about a product, but they can also just be a way for a writer to dip their toe into having their content on someone else’s website.

Benefits of Sponsored Posts

The main benefit of Sponsored Posts is that you get access to a completely new demographic of people, and since the post stays on the site forever as our visitor base grows so will the amount of people reading your content.

A nice secondary benefit is that you get a permanent link to content of your choosing from another website, this is one of the many factors that search engines like Google like to use when deciding if content should appear in high positions on Google’s search results pages.

Benefits of having your post on The Footy Tipster

Because of the high quality of the content on this site, we tend to rank well in search engines for the types of things that football bettors and fans like to search for, because of this any links from our website to your website are seen as valuable in the eyes of search engines, way more so than a similar link on a website that doesn’t naturally do as well in Google.

We don’t treat Sponsored Posts as second class citizens on our blog, they are positioned just like our own content is and the author will be marked as one of our writers, not some generic “Sponsored Post” style author. The reason we do this is because as you will see in the process section below, we will work hard to make this a great post so feel confident putting our name on it.

We have an email list of 16,000 opt in football bettors, who we regularly email with updates on the site, if your content fits what we are talking about in the email we will certainly be linking to it.

The Process

Hopefully we’ve sold you on the idea of a Sponsored Post, so lets talk through the process should you ever decide to work with us.

The first step is picking the subject of the post, we can work with you to pick a topic that we think is going to appeal to our readers and help your product be presented in the best light.

Once we’ve agreed on this you will go away and write the post, source images, add links, all that good stuff.

You will send over the post for proofing by us, we will make sure it is relevant, suggest edits where it makes sense, and if we’re all happy with the arrangement we will schedule the post to go live.

Once the post has been created and shared on our site, we will link you to the content and only at that point will we discuss payment for the placement. We don’t like to take money too early on in the process because we don’t want money to get in the way of us working together to generate the best content possible.

Finally, we will invoice you.


We have a simple cost structure for Sponsored Posts.

A single post is £60

You can bulk buy post credits from us if you would like a reduced rate.

  • 4-9 posts £45 per post
  • 10-19 posts £35 per post
  • 20+ posts £28 per post

For example if you wanted to buy 10 post credits from us you would need to let us know and we would invoice you for £350, if you wanted to buy 20 post credits from us it would be £560.

Naturally we wouldn’t expect you to have all 10 or 20 posts ready for us, and even if you did we wouldn’t post them all on the same day. You can buy the post credits and then we’d keep a tally so as content is created your bought amount will go down.

You have 1 year from bulk buying to use all your credits.

Sponsored Posts that we write for you

If you don’t have a writer to handle creating the content for you, we can write the article to your specifications. There is an upfront fee of £40 for this which needs to be paid up front.

Next Steps

If you like what you’ve read and you’d like to contact us about working together on a Sponsored Post, the easiest thing to do is fill in this form